Thursday, December 23, 2004

Never Enough Festivus Airings Department

From the Daily Kos:

Fuck Bush for making it difficult for a mid-30s college graduate to find a decent-paying job with decent benefits. If this is happening to someone like me, how are those without college faring? I hope their cries of 'fuck Bush' only get louder.

Fuck Gonzales for ever saying that it's OK to torture. This isn't the Spanish Inquisition, damn it, it's a WAR, and not even a conventional war. Torture is for unprincipled spiritual weaklings. Fuck that shit.

Fuck Powell for not resigning much sooner with loud protests of how screwed up the White House had become. He should've been on the nightly news every night for a week, minimum, repeating that Bush was not to be trusted with a Red Rider, let alone trusted with the full force of the world's most powerful military. He should've introduced shame to Bush for the first time in his ignorant, privileged life. He can go burn.

Fuck Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the neocon cabal at the Pentagon. Don't these goobers read history books? I thought they did, but if so, they sure as hell aren't learning anything except how to act like imperial thugs. They should stop reading books like The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich half-way, and dare to look at the other half. They'll have their own karmic rape and torture coming, to be sure.

Fuck Cheney. Fuck Rove. Fuck Laura Bush for being 'supportive' instead of saying, 'You know, George, you're an asshole and a dry drunk, and I'm taking the house and the kids. Just try to send your daddy's lawyers after me, and you will be flogged in public.' Fuck the Bush Twins for not telling their dad to get bent. Fuck Barbara Bush for being a soulless matriarch that evidently fed Bush all the lies he knows about the 'lazy' poor and the 'criminal' liberals. Fuck George Sr. for not giving Junior more spankings when he obviously needed them.

Fuck greedy CEOs, spineless talking heads, conspiring media outlets, ignorant apathetics who think Saddam was a threat to anyone but himself, and fearful peasants who imagine dark shadows creeping around the family Hummer. Fuck oil economies. Fuck those without vision or grace. Fuck those who think 'fuck' is more obscene than 'war'. Fuck those who only read Genesis and Revelations and dare think they're saved by Jeebus.

Fuck debt. Fuck easy credit. Fuck second mortgages. Fuck Chinese ownership of our debts, public and private. Fuck pointless tax cuts and slashes to useful government programs. Fuck a lack of true leadership. Fuck 'CEO Presidents' and 'CEO Governors', may they be paper-cut to death by an avalanche of diploma-mill MBAs. Fuck pointless anger, and fuck having a total lack of anger when there are things that make it worth being angry.

Fuck shallowness of intelligence, dignity, respect, charity, love, hope, faith, and patriotism. Fuck pain, sorrow, loss, and death.

Just... fuck it all.

Happy Festivus, everyone!

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Never Enough Pure Nanotubes Department

Up to this point, attempts to make carbon nanotubes--basically little straws made from atomic carbon--have been daunting. There has always been a high number of impurities, meaning that it's been expensive to make enough nanotubes to, say, make tiny circuitry or build super-strong cables, just to mention a few potential applications. Removing impurities has always been a huge part of the cost of making nanotubes.

Until now. It seems that adding a tiny amount of water to the carbon mixture helps ensure a very pure batch of nanotubes.

Since one possible use of nanotubes includes building a space elevator, this development has me wondering if such a space elevator will be built in my lifetime. It might well get built sooner rather than later.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Never Enough Inspiring Tactics Department

Oliver Willis is quickly turning into my favorite political blogger. Click the link to see why.

Yes, I've been a little quiet since the election. Quiet here, anyhow. At DailyKos, well, it's a little different. See for yourself.

Friday, October 29, 2004

Never Enough Abject Wrongness Department

But still quite effective, and, let's face it, funny as hell.

What is it? Why, it's The Stranger's 2004's Scariest Halloween Costumes! Look for these genuinely creepy costumes at your front door this Sunday!

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Never Enough Righteous Moshing Department

If you haven't seen or heard Eminem's video for the song "Mosh," then perhaps you should.

Let me re-iterate. I'm a metal fan, and a queer, and a woman. And Eminem, a hip-hop artist who has had homophobic and misogynistic lyrics in the past, is far, far from my musical idea. Still, I repeat--watch the "Mosh" video! It is gorgeously animated, emotionally charged, and most of all, politically powerful. In short, it is an incitement for the disenfranchised and betrayed to rise up and throw Bush out of office.

A young black man is racially profiled by cops for doing nothing but walking down the street. A soldier in Iraq, listening to an Eminem concert, comes home only to find out he's been re-assigned back to Iraq. A young mother comes home to find out she's being evicted, simultaneously watching Bush announce more tax cuts for the rich on TV. These and many more people all don black hoodies and join Eminem on the street, forming a massive army of Americans unwilling to allow Bush to continue his policies any further. The video ends with a confrontation between riot police and the crowd. The crowd, victorious, pushes on ahead into their target, a government building, where they... vote.

But I cannot do the video justice without writing an essay on the subject, and
there are already good analyses out there. So let me conclude with the closing words of the song:

"And as we proceed, to mosh through this desert storm, in these closing statements, if they should argue, let us beg to differ, as we set aside our differences, and assemble our own army, to disarm this weapon of mass destruction that we call our president, for the present, and mosh for the future of our next generation, to speak and be heard, Mr. President, Mr. Senator."

Right on, Mr. Mathers.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Never Enough Draft Thwarting Department

OK, there isn't a draft yet, but who's to say there won't be? So consider signing the No Iraq Draft petition, and putting a little red dot on the map to show where you're coming from--literally.

Get goin'!

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Never Enough Bush Brains Department

If you have a heart, you'd make sure Bush never lacks for brains again.

What am I saying? If you don't have a heart, you'll love this Flash game. It's evil and cruel and mocking and just the thing you need when not making sure you and your friends vote. (Ahem.)

Friday, October 22, 2004

Never Enough Hard Numbers Department

First, here is a table of the percentages of Bush supporters vs Kerry supporters that correctly perceive their candidate's positions on various issues. Grim.

Then here's a compilation of raw numbers representing Bush's record. It's also grim.

Finally, something less dependent on numbers--but it's a list of 100 facts (and an opinion) which point at why Bush shouldn't be re-elected.

Don't think of this as pornography for depressive wonks. Think of it as ammunition for the last 10 days of our counter-assault against a GOP hegemony which has crippled our country.

Never Enough Hunter Thompson Department

It's been a while since I've read a Hunter Thompson column. It was worth the wait.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Never Enough Hopeful Statistics Department

Worried that Bush might win this election? Worry no more--based on all the data we've got so far, and fed into an election simulator, Kerry wins roughly three out of every five simulations. Bush barely ekes out two wins every five simulations.

But frankly, I think it's going to be better than that. Practice saying "President Kerry" a few times--you will be saying it a lot over the next four years.

Never Enough Proper Credit Department

I know I've been avoiding reading, let alone reblogging, articles from the New York Times. But here I must make an exception as the NYT takes on Jon Stewart's fabulous appearance on Crossfire:

"The transcript of Friday's 'Crossfire,' and the blog commentary about it, popped up all over the Internet this weekend. Mr. Stewart's Howard Beal (of 'Network') outburst stood out because he said what a lot of viewers feel helpless to correct: that news programs, particularly on cable, have become echo chambers for political attacks, amplifying the noise instead of parsing the misinformation. Whether the issue is Swift boat ads or Bill O'Reilly's sexual harassment suit, shows like 'Crossfire' or 'Hardball' provide gladiator-style infotainment as journalists clownishly seek to amuse or rile viewers, not inform them.

When Mr. Carlson took the offense, charging that Mr. Stewart had no right to complain since he had asked Senator John Kerry softball questions on 'The Daily Show,' Mr. Stewart looked genuinely appalled. 'I didn't realize - and maybe this explains quite a bit - that the news organizations look to Comedy Central for their cues on integrity.' When Mr. Carlson continued to argue, Mr. Stewart shut him down hard. 'You are on CNN,' he said. 'The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls.'"

You tell 'em, Jon. And thanks to the New York Times, he'll be heard. Loudly.

Never Enough Political Ad Depositories Department

Are you looking for a political ad you know is online somewhere, but it's proving to be elusive? Why not give p2p-Politics a try? Fair warning, however--so far, it's mostly Kerry and anti-Bush ads. There's one ad for Libertarian candidate Michael Badnarik, and none for Bush.

Have fun!

Never Enough Bush vs Bush Department

In case you have been wondering, I've been posting more of my polical rants on the Daily KOS site, so if you're here just for the political rants, I recommend checking out the Daily KOS. It's a great community in general and I'm glad to be involved.

But let's get to the meat of this blog entry: six of Bush's second cousins are voting for Kerry. In fact they even have their own site to explain, personally, why they are supporting Kerry instead of their famous relative.

If Bush family members are turning from Bush, things can't look very good.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Never Enough Sinclair Protest Tools Department

Have you wanted to send emails to Sinclair advertisers but are overwhelmed by how many there are? Let this site do the work!

Never Enough Funny Shit Department

The Republican Language: A Report From the Field will make you laugh. Unless you're a Republican--but don't worry, the "for kids" version is under way.

Never Enough Jon Stewart Payraises Department

Wanna read something funny?

Here you go.

Ah, there's nothing quite like Jon flogging the media.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Never Enough REBs Department

I don't honesty think anyone who reads this blog is a Republican who's disgusted with Bush--I don't even know if I have an audence--but if you are such a Republican, the Vote REB site is for you. (That's "REB" as in "Republican Except for Bush.")


Thursday, October 14, 2004

Never Enough Bush BS-Calling Department

So Bush is done calling Kerry a flip-flopper, seeing as that line of attack clearly was not working. That lets us use it on Bush. In a word--HAW!

Never Enough True Virtue Department

I know, it may sound weird for a black-metal listening transsexual SubGenius to talk about virtues as if I were in a Jesuit seminary, but a discussion of last night's debate led me to discuss virtues thus:

"I agree that Kerry could've gone after the 'nuisance' quote, but he did the right thing by instead going after Bush's 'not a concern' quote. Because what Kerry realizes, and Bush does not--and cannot--is that one cannot eradicate all evil in the world without generating new evils. Virtues must be carefully balanced--it's one thing to have righteousness in spades, but if you lack sufficent compassion, that righteousness will create tragedy.

"This illustrates the basic moral difference between Bush and Kerry. Bush thinks that good can vanquish evil entirely, and doesn't see that good can become evil if it is overzealous--just look at how much death and distrust have arisen because of Bush's obsessions with an impossible perfect victory. Kerry knows that good can displace evil if done with honor, compassion, and truthfulness, and that so balanced, goodness will have no fear of wickedness.

"And that is why Bush has failed, and will fall."

And it's a damned shame that the hard-core fundies of Bush's base fail to see that. Damned shame.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Never Enough Civil Rights Reports Department

Officially, due to political pressure, the US Commission on Civil Rights has withheld their report on how Bush's record on civil rights.

UNofficially, the report is available for download here. (PDF)


Never Enough Strong Finishes Department

The Gadflyer has a beautiful discussion of how Kerry should handle tonight's debate. I'm sure Kerry is drowning in advice, but I agree with the essence of this article--Kerry needs to point out early and often that Bush will lie about Kerry's positions. (And frankly, at this juncture, let's just call them "lies" and not try to be sensitive. We all know Bush is lying, and to hear Kerry call them "lies" will strengthen his position considerably.)

Once Kerry has established that Bush is full of lies, then Kerry will be in great shape to tell America not just that he won't mislead, but how he intends to lead.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Never Enough Intelligent Proposals Department

Everyone hates income taxes, a point Bush is hoping to use against Democrats as he suggests a national sales tax. But what if it were countered with a tax on wealth rather than income?

Few rich people would vote for it. Then again, in this country, the rich remain a minority.

Never Enough Anti-Bush Silliness Department

Do you think Bush looks dorky? I bet you could make him look dorkier still.

Never Enough Shitstorms For Stooges Department

You probably have now heard about how Sinclair Broadcast Group's CEO ordered all his TV affiliates to air the film Stolen Honor, which criticizes John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activism.

You may not have heard that a Sinclair sales representative is now claiming that Sinclair charges more for pro-Kerry ads than for pro-Bush ads and may be penalizing employees who support Kerry.

Of course, the right wing sites seem to be agitated by rumors that iN Demand might carry Fahrenheit 9/11 the night before Election Day, and seem to think that Sinclair's airing of Stolen Honor is merely just desserts.

How Sinclair's army of FCC-regulated TV stations can compare to a pay-per-view service like In Demand is beyond me.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Never Enough Good Documentation Department

More than 50 Bush Flip-Flops ...says it all, really.

No, really, there's nothing more I can add. Not even a snarky comment.

NO, REALLY. Just go to the site already.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

Never Enough Oil-Regime Realism Department

It's been a while since the New York Times has inspired me to mention them in my blog. This is one of those times. In short, Thomas Friedman argues that we need to seriously trim back our reliance on oil if we want to stimulate reform in the Arab world, and therefore fight Islamic terrorism in the most effective way. You tell 'em, Tom.

Never Enough Presidential Intelligence Department

The LA Times posted an editorial which, I'm relieved to say, finally repeats something I've been tossing around for a while--that, in fact, I mentioned in a conversation last night. To wit, President Bush is not dumb. To paint him as such is a disservice to those Americans who might have insecurities about their intelligence, and therefore might feel resentment towards those calling Bush "dumb". He's got intelligence, after his own fashion. It's also a disservice to those who are attempting to point out serious political problems, since calling a politician "dumb" will close, not open, ears.

But the LA Times gets it right: Bush is "mentally lazy". That is, Bush is unwilling to scrutinize his own beliefs, to reconcile where those beliefs contradict one another, and unwilling to accept data that refutes his beliefs. This sort of intellectual laziness is dangerous when it resides in a President responsible for running the most powerful nation in the world. Any leader knows how to listen to others, knows when to demand data to get a clear view of the situation, and knows when to change course when necessary. Bush, in his career both in and out of politics, clearly doesn't act in this way, preferring to insulate himself with yes-men who tell him what he wants to hear, and ignoring critics--if they're lucky--when they try to offer an alternative view.

The Times missed on one point, however, when comparing Bush to Ronald Reagan. Now, I'm hardly an apologist for Reagan; growing up under his shadow has not been good for my soul. But the Times' comparison falls apart with scrutiny. Reagan may have been "mentally lazy" in some senses, but if so, he was still less lazy than Bush. Unlike Bush, Reagan read newspapers and allowed himself to be exposed to opposing facts and opinions. He even raised taxes, once it was clear that the federal government would collapse without a partial reversal of his earlier tax cut. Bush, on the other hand, wouldn't raise taxes if it were clear that the Army would go to battle with miniature Swiss Army knives.

Furthermore, Reagan was willing to talk to Brezhnev and Gorbachev, and thus helped (in a small way, I feel) wind down the Cold War. Reagan was able to tone down his public "Evil Empire" bluster and open dialog with world leaders, when it was necessary, and so came across as much more diplomatic than his words might usually belie. Bush, in contrast, has pretty much blown his wad in terms of diplomacy; he started out belligerent, then cynically used September 11 to excuse his belligerence. It's almost as if, in his arrogance, he sees no need to consult with anyone at all--no need for consensus, no need for openness.

We've had enough of this arrogant variety of mental laziness. The problems of the world require a much smarter leader than we currently possess. Unfortunately, for the past few years the United States itself has been lulled by its own mental laziness--an unwillingness to scrutinize facts and a resistance to demanding truth and justice. By November 2, I fully expect our own mental laziness to come to an end.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Never Enough Rude Awakenings Department

I know that gay conservative Andrew Sullivan and I disagree on a lot of things. But sometimes, we wind up agreeing anyhow.

We were lucky in retrospect that Saddam didn't have any WMDs. The way this war has been run, it would have actually increased the chances of such weapons getting to America via terrorists rather than reduced them. At least, that seems to me to be the logical inference. Am I somehow wrong?

No, Andrew, you're not.

Never Enough Disintegrating States Department

So Bush used Kurds in his invasion of Iraq. This is a matter of historical record. Now it is becoming clear that the Kurds used Bush to strengthen their claims of independence. Attempts to integrate the Kurdish minority into an Iraqi democracy are pretty much doomed to fail, and not just because of the sad state of Iraq.

This is bound to displease Turkey to no end.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Never Enough Debate-Inspired Memes Department

Remember "It's the economy, stupid"? Well, Edwards gave us the 2004 version tonight, during the VP debate:


Spread it far and wide.

Never Enough Letting The Truth Slip Department

From a article on Kerry responding to the GOP "global test" stink, quoting Condi Rice:

"I don't understand 'proving to the world that you did it for legitimate reasons,'" she said.

Of course you don't, dear.

Saturday, October 02, 2004

Never Enough Not Forgetting Poland Department

So we should treat Poland as a valuable contributor to Operation Iraqi Liberation? We should put this matter in context, quickly:

Poland wants the UN to force Spain to stay in Iraq, so Poland can hand off parts of their operation to them.

Poland would also like to reduce their contribution by 1000 soldiers. They only have 2400 there as is.

And, as soon as Poland feels that the security situation has stabilized, they wish to pull out entirely.

They sound like they're willing to keep up appearances but really, really don't want to be there. If we had that attitude from the beginning, this war would've turned out so much differently, and probably for the better.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Never Enough Cash For Security Department

I've seen references to this on many a blog, but it's nice to see a mainstream newspaper noting that when John Kerry talked about increased funding for first responders and neglected security concerns, Bush laughed and said, "I don’t think we want to get into how he’s going to pay for all these promises."

Which is, needless to say, the absolute wrong thing to say. Expect this one line to get so much play it'll make Dubya's red, huffy, exasperated head spin more than Karl Rove.

Never Enough Surprise Drafts Department

Congress is pushing through the Universal National Service Act of 2003, hoping to get it on the books before the end of the election. It establishes a draft for men and women ages 18-26. It does allow for drafting into civilian positions, but let's face it, the majority of young Americans will get put into the military and sent off to Iraq and elsewhere.

Here is the House version of the bill (HR 163); the Senate version is here.

I cannot stress how important it is to get knowledge of this bill out there.

Never Enough Stern Finger-Wagging Department

Tom DeLay, having watched several of his cronies get lenghty jail sentences for their roles in campaign fraud, got away with a slap on the wrist. I'm glad the House Ethics Committee at least admonished DeLay, but I was hoping they'd throw the book at him. Or, better yet, drop the collective volumes of the Journals of Congress on his thick haid. Nothing like over 200 years of proceedings to pound some sense into DeLay, one dusty tome at a time.

Never Enough Retro Hipness Department

I can't believe John Kerry's site makes a Flock Of Seagulls reference. Of course, I'm not surprized--as a kid I remember my friends and I singing, "And Iran, Iran so far away... where Khomeni, Khomeni better stay... or he'll get blown away!" That was, naturally, before I found out that Iran was receiving weapons from the US, at the same time Iraq was too.

And we wonder why they aren't fond of us.

Me, I'd put pressure on the Iran to heavily reduce the influence of the ayatollahs in their government, and not just focus on whether they are building nukes. There's a very large pro-democracy contingent in Iran, and if we want "regime change", it's far better to work with this base than some misguided exiles with a grudge.

Just saying.

As for the retro newwave thing, I certainly can't critique, not when Cynthia just got a copy of Sigue Sigue Sputnik's album "Flaunt It".

Never Enough Earnest Retractions Department

OK, now I've seen pictures of Laura and Theresa's outfits. They dressed in white, not pink. Either my TV is off, or my eyes were more bloodshot than I thought.

I still want to see the two of them going at it in a disgustingly salacious manner. Cynthia would prefer a hot, sweaty catfight. I'll settle for a relatively "mainstream" lesbian fantasy, though.

Ghods, we're repulsive. Heh heh.

Never Enough Modest Proposals Department

Do you need a line for explaining why Bush is not a suitable President? Feel the need to talk about Iraq and domestic issues at the same time? Try this tack:


Because of President Bush's post-war policies, millions of Iraqis are now unemployed and deprived of basic services, living in desperation and violence. Bush wants us to believe he will make the situation better for them. But Bush also failed to make millions of jobs here at home. Under his watch, Bush has allowed corporate scandals, environmental destruction, and the violation of our privacy. He has failed to capture terrorists at home and abroad. And he has greatly damaged America's influence among our allies. He can't fix problems in this nation--how can we expect him to fix Iraq?


Done right, it should be a killer.

Never Enough Cold Blows Department

Truly, utterly evil. I should be ashamed for linking.

Thursday, September 30, 2004

Never Enough Scary Pictures Department


OK, so I'm ecstatic over Kerry's debate victory. Let me poke fun at my damn candidate, it's my way of... of... of bonding, yeah, that's it. It's our bond.

Still, I'm thinking about putting this picture on my front door this Halloween.

But now I understand why Kerry got the tan. It's because, when Bush gets red in the face, it makes Kerry look pale.

Never Enough Comedic Slaughters Department

Jon Stewart SLAMMED Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was busy spinning the Bush line and sounded almost as guilty and defensive as Bush did. JON STEWART OPENLY LAUGHED AT RUDY GIULIANI WHILE RUDY WAS TRYING TO COVER DUBYA'S ASS.

Excuse me. I'm just really, really giddy right now. I'm on the verge of coming.

A small part of me thought that it was very sad. But another part of me remembers how hated Giuliani was prior to 9/11, and smiles.

Also, the Moment of Zen should've opened with Laura and Theresa, onstage after the debate, comparing their near-identical pink outfits. It was, simultaneously, very evocative of Jackie Kennedy's style. They actually wrapped their arms around each other. I'll post pics once good shots become available, promise!

A part of me will be fantasizing about First Lady Lesbian Sex, to be sure. This would bother me, except I know that Cynthia will, too, as soon as she reads this. (Hi honey.)

Never Enough Slam Dunks Department

I didn't get to watch the debates--this evening has been against me in so many ways, but from what I've seen in the news, read in the forums, and confirmed in the online polls:

Kerry might've been less than exact about his plans for Iraq, but he at least looked like a leader. Bush looked like a kid caught as he's about to sneak out, angrily defending himself without being able to demonstrate much confidence, poise, maturity, or clue.

All the online polls I've seen--from all over the US--have Kerry winning, in the worst case, by a 3:2 ratio, and as much as 4:1. One of my IRC buddies said she saw it pushing 90% in one poll.

Let Rove spin. Kerry won this one, and he won it so decisively that there is simply no way Bush can hope to gain ground in the next two.

If the debates help determine who wins the Presidency, then it is becoming clear that, as has been said before, Kerry is a strong finisher, and has a better chance of winning than ever before.

We still gotta cinch the deal, though--if you haven't registered, do. If you have, vote.

Never Enough Oops Department

I neglected to thank AlterNet's News Log for linking to the Business Journal article on the Daily Show. AlterNet rocks.

Never Enough Serious Comedy Department

The Business Journal has printed proof of what most of us suspected, and what Jon Stewart dreads hearing: The Daily Show's listeners are far more politically savvy than those who follow more conventional news outlets. Stewart always has this "But we're a comedy show" defense whenever someone tries to point this out. Yes, Jon, you are a comedian, as is all your co-workers on the show. But if you know anything about the history of humor, you'd know that the most profound truths are often cloaked by yuks and grins. It's how most of us can endure the profound truths.

The Business Journal article also points out that The Daily Show's viewers tend to be more liberal. That's painfully obvious, but it needed to be pointed out. For instance, when John Kerry walked out on the set of the show, I was surprised nobody threw panties. (Shhhhhhhh, Wonkette, I know you really want to, you can't deny your lust for long faces and lugubrious speeches much longer!) When Richard Clarke came back for an encore interview, the audience thundered--Clarke isn't a liberal, but his courage and honesty is greatly admired in liberal circles. Then last night, David Duke was on the show, and the tepid applause was thicker than Duke's bullshit. Yeah, that thick.

I also remember when Peter Jennings came onto The Daily Show, and jokingly said that they did "good work--sometimes". And yet, in the face of Dubya's not-so-subtle manipulation of the media, it would seem that The Daily Show remains a bastion of spin-proofed integrity and honesty that would be devastating if not for the jokes. But therein lies the crux--why is there so damned few venues that refuse the spin and the jokes? Are we so desperate for escape that we cannot endure the truth without a varnish of humor? Is it the media that's become too chicken-shit... or is it us?

I'd answer that question, but I'm having a hard time coming up with an adequate punch-line. The truth hurts, don't it?

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Never Enough Real Cowboys Department

Bush isn't a real cowboy.


Never Enough Real Men Department

Bush is not a real man.

DUH. But it's about time more people started noticing.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Never Enough Neocon Stupidity Department

So is Iraq falling apart because of a few "insurgents"? Actually, it sounds more like it's due to the Neocons pushing for radical free-market solutions which left people starving and desperate. That's Naomi Klein's take on the situation, anyhow.

It's very difficult to disagree. You'd have to believe that free markets lead to Utopia in the first place.

Doesn't utopia mean "no place"?

Never Enough Voter Registration Department

According to the New York Times (here reprinted by the Seattle Times), there has been a surge in voter registrations in Ohio and Florida, two of the more vital "swing states" in this election. And guess what? The Democrats are registering new voters at a rate five to ten times greater than Republicans.

Which means, if we can also ensure these voters actually vote on November 2, Kerry will be in good shape to take the White House from Dubya.

So, have you registered to vote yet? Time is running out. And, if you have registered, consider bringing more voters with you.

Friday, September 24, 2004

Never Enough Frozen Ovaries Department

A Belgian woman, left sterile by chemotherapy, has successfully given birth after her ovarian tissue had been removed and frozen, prior to chemotherapy, then re-implanted.

On one hand, it's nice to know that women won't be forced to be sterile after cancer treatments. On the other hand, the above article mentions that this technique might allow women to postpone childbirth a couple of decades, as the eggs apparently don't age while they remain embedded in the frozen tissue.

Do we need women giving birth so late? I can so easily see some neurotic woman marrying well early in life, having ovarian tissue preserved, squeezing out baby after baby, and just as her original ovaries reach the point-of-no-return phase, getting that ovarian tissue back and giving birth to another dozen or so.

That's disgusting.

Never mind the notion that people might really want to consider having less children, so we're not forcing more and more people to cope with less and less. Medical science, when good, is great--but when bad, is downright decadent. Just ask anyone who's had multiple plastic surgeries.

OK, my mini-rant is over. Congratulations to the proud and lucky woman, and I hope she feels the same way I do about the potential for this therapy to be abused.

Never Enough Telling It As It Is Department

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, it's official: John Kerry never flip-flopped on the subject of Iraq.

Well, DUH. But it took Kerry's aggressive push to get the news media to notice he was consistent.

There's a little note at the end of the article saying that, next week, they will examine Bush's statements on Iraq. I can't wait.

Never Enough Awesome Quotes Department

"Capitalism is OK as an economic system, but it makes a lousy religion."
--Steve Earle

...And I'm not even a Steve Earle fan. Not music-wise, that is. As a person, I think he rocks.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Never Enough Sad News Department

Russ Meyer has passed on. We will remember you, Russ, every time a large-breasted woman demands that her needs be met.

Never Enough Cantankerous Elections Department

A wonderful reason to vote is given by Marylaine Block: "sheer orneriness". She says it's a bad reason to vote, but for my money, orneriness works better than anything else. Of course, she brings up Nader, who I wish would just get a grip rather than trying to wrest progressive votes from the Democrats. Not that I think "third parties" are bad, but that we need to overhaul the whole election system to insure equitable elections if we're going to get serious about them, otherwise only billionaires like Ross Perot will be able to run. That's for a whole different injection of obstinance.

But in general, the fact that many would rather we not vote is reason enough to vote. On that point, I agree with all my uppity heart.

Never Enough Votes For Swingin' Department

There's been a lot of discussion of swing voters this election, given that the 2000 race was so close. Of course, there are many ways to win--getting out more votes, reframing debates to a candidate's advantage, etc. But relying on swing voters insures that politicians cater to whims, not to issues. Arianna Huffington wrote about the phenomenon previously, but as usual she was quite serious, if more passionate than usual. But this article by Sandip Roy lays it all out in its funniest glory.

Once reliance on swing voters is more openly mocked, as was reliance on soccer moms in the 2000 race, then we can kiss such crap goodbye.

Of course, none of this would matter so much if the administration weren't so eager to be secretive. Then again, if it weren't for the secrecy, this Presidential election wouldn't be such a close race, now, would it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Never Enough Shit Happening Department

Tom DeLay's buddies in Texas for a Republican Majority and Americans for a Republican Majority just got their pee-pees whacked for money laundering, making unlawful political contributions, and accepting unlawful political contributions. And DeLay has the gall to claim this is just election-year politics.

Admittedly, the convictions come awfully close to the election. But give me a break--this has been in the works for months. And it's hardly the first scandal DeLay has been in. So for him to claim that this is nothing but election-year politics is rather cheeky, given that he's next.

Tom DeLay is many things--a gerrymandering bully, a cryptofascist, a fundamentalist tool--but I didn't think he was a damned fool too. Must've been all those pesticides he used to work with.

Friday, September 17, 2004

Never Enough Journalistic Integrity Department

Have I mentioned recently that Bill Moyers rocks? I'm sure I have.

The above link is for a speech he gave at a Society of Professional Journalists conference on Sept. 11th. Given that I've loved pretty much everything he's ever written for its honesty, penetration, and even its lyrical qualities, I'm admittedly biased. I still think this speech is the best thing he's written, as it aims at the malaise that has corrupted journalism in this country and which, in turn, threatens to weaken our democracy just when we need it most.

Read it. It's worthy of much wider readership than this blog can give, but every bit helps. Read it, and thank Bill Moyers for his willingness to say what's on his mind in such a clear and potent fashion.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

Never Enough Corny Hopefulness Department

"The Great Pall & Its Fall: A Not-So-Grim Tale" is, perhaps, a little overdone, but it is well worth a read. Seriously. It's a nice little allegory that has me wanting to lift my lantern high.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Never Enough Strategy Redux Department

You know what's frustrating me? The fact that everyone else seems frustrated that their particular favorite theme isn't being addressed by Kerry in the manner that they'd prefer.

Is there something inherent about Kerry that nobody is ever satisfied with what he says, no matter how poignant it may be? And no, I'm not talking about problems with articulation.

Frankly, while I wish Kerry were bolder, I have every reason to think he will get bolder over the next few weeks. Beyond that, he has to go with the strategy that will damage Bush the most, while simultaneously reducing the chances of backlash. That's tricky even when discounting the political leverage the Republicans have gained over the past several years.

So, suppose Kerry went after Bush on Iraq. No matter what Kerry might say, and no matter how consistent it might well be with everything else Kerry has said about Iraq, Bush can always use the "flip-flop" defense, as Bush supporters and the media both have been trained well to use that defense. The only way to overcome the backlash would be to attack with a fierceness that would make Dean's vaunted scream seem like a murmur. It'd be counterproductive.

Then again, it's not like there aren't plenty of weak spots, and while some polls might contraindicate using the economy as a line of attack, it's too tempting of a weak spot to pass up. A small hole can be made much bigger with a sustained assault. And the hole in Bush's domestic policies isn't that small to begin with.

You just watch--Kerry will get more aggressive, Bush's apparent lead will begin to soften, Cheney will make more craven and hysterical statements, Bush will try to counter but will only make himself look further out of touch, and in the end we will prevail.

Of course, it'd help if everyone posting here took some time to register voters. Voter registration drives are effective and I highly encourage volunteering for such. But at minimum you should be finding one person who hasn't registered to vote, and make sure he or she has, with an understanding of the stakes involved and how important it is to actually cast that vote. Do that, and half our worries are behind us.

Never Enough Good Grief Department

So now teachers can't even write off purchases of school materials out of their own pockets. Teachers are already poorly paid and overworked, and are often forced to purchase school supplies for their students. The least we could do is let them save a little on taxes to make up for it. But no--it's too important to Leave No Billionaire Behind, I guess.

FEH, I'm in an ugly mood. Fits the state of this nation, though.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Never Enough Happy Endings Department

Remember that bit from yesterday, about an Alabama woman who was fired for having a John Kerry bumper sticker on her car?

John Kerry hired her.

Now, with November 2 just around the corner, I wouldn't expect the woman to get too excited. Still, you know this will get some good buzz, and she will definitely dig it.

You go, girl.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Never Enough Bogus Firings Department

A woman in Moulton, Alabama was fired for, of all things, displaying a Kerry/Edwards sticker on her car. Her boss had been placing a letter in with each employees' paycheck that claimed the Bush tax cut allowed him to afford equipment and--pointedly--employees. But apparently he doesn't like it much when others disagree.

What's so incredibly stupid about this? Only that the boss in question, Phil Gaddis, is also a bankruptcy attorney. How could an attorney set himself up for such a bone-headed wrongful dismissal suit? All I can figure is that Gaddis was making so much money off of the increasing rate of bankruptcies--which hasn't gotten any better under Dubya--that he couldn't tell he was about to screw himself.

Never Enough Quick Money Department

Hey, want over $2000 in a hurry? It's easy! Just be the first person who can prove you asked Dubya, in a public forum, one simple question:

How many times have you been arrested, Mr. President?

C'mon, what could be easier?

(Pardon my sarcasm--Bush is still screening people at his public appearances to rule out any partisan questioning. But if people could sneak into the GOP Convention to protest, then one person surely could find an opportunity to ask this question. For two thousand bucks? It'd be worth it, you know.)

Thursday, September 09, 2004

Never Enough Damning Facts Department

First off, sorry for the delay in publishing three of the most recent blog entries. As it turned out, my web server had become full, and so I had to blow out some galleries of pictures to get the blog working. As I plan to upgrade to a larger server before long, this shouldn't be a serious issue in the near future--I hope!

Second, you will want to read this article by Evan Derkacz on Bush's life during his National Guard "service". To me, none of this is new information, but it's nicely bundled together in a tight, hard-to-ignore package. If just a few key newspapers started reporting on some of this with any seriousness, Bush would look even weaker than he currently does.

But that's not all! So Bush lived a wild, reckless, irresponsible life. (You might've noticed that the Bush twins casually alluded to this part of Bush's life when talking about their own foibles, none of which have yet to top Bush's own youthful indiscretions.) So he didn't serve as honorably in the National Guard as he claims. So he drank a lot and bragged about it, flaunted law-breaking, and might've snorted cocaine. Lots of youngsters, especially the rich ones, act irresponsibly and selfishly, pretending that they'll live forever and have no consequences to face.

Well, there's also the fact that Bushie was busy learning his political dirty tricks while helping out the Senatorial campain of "Red" Blount, who accused conservative Democrat rival John Sparkman of supporting forced busing--that is, the sending of black children to schools with high populations of white students, and vice versa. That may seem like a non-issue nowadays, but back then, especially in Alabama, "forced busing" was a conservative code-word for "making our pure White children rub skin against those filthy, lazy, theiving, no-good niggers". In addition, Sparkman was accused of being anti-war and anti-military at a time when Southern sentiment towards Vietnam was stridently pro-war and pro-military. In short, Bush was being taught how to fight dirty in politics.

So, we're dealing with an irresponsible, reckless, careless, self-absorbed, respectless young man who was taught how to sling mud without getting it all over his red power tie. Then he found God and became President, and we were supposed to forget all about his past, and by all means never make judgements about his character and his ability to lead from the way he behaved 30 years ago.

Except, people are starting to remember, and the judgements are inevitable.


Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Never Enough Bu**Sh** Department

So, if you believe some of the punditry out there, Bush is ahead by seven points. This is in one poll, I hasten to add--Gallup has Bush ahead by two. Two points? Statistically speaking, that's still a dead heat.

You can tell the GOP is deeply concerned. Why else would Cheney state that making the "wrong choice" on Election Day would doom the country to another terrorist attack? It's such an irresponsible, near-traitorous thing to say, and only makes sense if you accept the notion that Cheney, his boss, and their coterie--heh, almost typed "cotillion" there!--of political advisors and hatchet-men are deeply worried that they aren't getting enough of a political gain over Kerry.

Ruy Teixeira agrees. Oh yes, the media isn't letting on just yet that the Republicans are in hot water, but the evidence is out there. Why, that two percent bounce is, in Teixeira's words, "the worst ever received by an incumbent president, regardless of party, and the worst ever received by a Republican candidate, whether incumbent or not." [His emphasis.]

Which means, Kerry needs to nail Bush down hard for the next two months. He can. Although Kerry complimented Bush's debating skills during his Daily Show interview, Kerry is much better at extemporization--which means that Kerry will appear much calmer and stronger during the debates, while Bush will flinch at each and every unscripted turn. Meanwhile, even as Bush continues the "flip-flop" tirade, Kerry will keep reminding Americans that Bush has screwed up his first shot at being President and doesn't deserve a second chance.

"'W' for 'Wrong'"--not a bad slogan, really.

I still prefer twisting around the Republican slogan:

"10 Out Of 10 Terrorists Agree--Bush Is Good For Business"

But that's just me.

Friday, September 03, 2004

Never Enough Straight Facts Department simply rocks. Are you confused about some point of order in the political campaign, or in the news? Come to and see what the Annenberg Public Policy Center's fact-checking team has to say. Don't worry, these folks are non-partisan--they'll zing Kerry and just as they'll zing Bush and Swift Vote Veterans.

Except, reading the site, you get a quick feeling that Bush & Co. must've gone into Permanent Compulsive Lying mode, because finds themselves in the somewhat awkward position of correcting Bush's team and allies far more than Kerry's.

Imagine that.

Never Enough Reassurances Department

Ghods, I love Molly Ivans. Her latest column is a hoot and a half--mainly because she can be both pointed and hilarious, all at once. Read this column, especially if you feel disheartened after the RNC. This will cheer you up, no problems.

And if that doesn't cheer you up, maybe a little Michael Moore, also commenting on the RNC, will help.

Chin up! All that is left to do at this point is to make sure as many people vote as possible, and to stand up to Bush lies. The rest will sort itself out. Trust me on this.

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Never Enough Dissolving Parties Department

Watching the Republican National Convention, with its well-funded glitziness and fawning support for their Boy King, you'd never guess that the Republicans are in deep, deep trouble.

First, there's the matter of Alan Keyes, who in a matter of days has (a) accused Fox News journalist Walter Jacobsen of, of all things, being in the pay of the Democrats, largely due to the fact that Jacobsen caught Keyes claiming that automatic weapons were legal in Illinois and questioned him on that statement; and (b) called Dick Cheney's lesbian daughter Mary a selfish hedonist and a sinner. Note well that, for a high-profile Senate seat, Keyes is the best the GOP could do to counter the articulate but unexperienced Obama.

But Keyes is just the hottest potato in the basket, so to speak. There's the little matter of the GOP using moderate speakers to put a "compassionate" face on the most radical Republican platform ever, glossing over the problem of having too many conflicting interests under the GOP "big tent". Indeed, Republican moderates largely feel slighted by the Party's shift to the right. Stem cell research, environmentalism, fiscal responsibility, abortion, and gay rights are but a few areas where moderates feel the Republican leadership has abandoned them. Their reactions are varied--some stay the course, hoping to convince the leadership of the urgency of a more moderate point of view. Then there's the Log Cabin Republicans, who are running TV ads to force the Party to step back from its platform, which not only calls for a Constitutional amendment against gay marriage but also action against any attempt to grant gay couples rights akin to marriage, such as civil unions.

Right now, it seems that the only thing holding the Republicans together is loyalty to the party, not ideology or common causes. And, as David Brooks of the conservative Weekly Standard has pointed out, if Bush loses, not even party loyalty will prevent sectarianism that will make the Democrats look unified, coherent, and strife-free. Of course, Brooks sees a potential path to salvation in what he calls "progressive conservatism"--and what that means is anyone's guess. Perhaps it's just a matter of co-opting progressive language and welding it to conservative thought--or vice versa, a sell-job to conservatives of the need for progressive policy. But I have doubts it will work.

The biggest problem the Republicans have is that, for decades, they have relied on the Cold War as a launching point for paranoia and psychopathy wrapped in patriot's clothes. As long as the Republicans could be seen as hard on Communism, they could contrast themselves with the more reasoned, measured, but usually unwavering realpolitik of the Democrats. They could then cast attempts at progressive policy as tax-and-spend fluff which didn't solve any real problems and sapped precious dollars from hard-working taxpayers, with the occasional "Commie" accusation coughed under breath.

The problem then is clear--Republicans have built themselves up as the anti-tax, anti-progressive party. To twist around and become progressive without a better means to raise government income is to alienate their base. As Michael Moore pointed out in his recent op-ed piece in USA Today, many Republicans are "RINOs"--Republicans In Name Only. In other words, they largely support progressive policies, except for their resistance to taxation. If the Republicans wish to become "progressive conservatives", they will need to find a better means to raise revenues for funding progressive causes, or else deal with another few decades of alienation. And that will be tough.

It won't be impossible, however. It's quite possible to argue successfully, for example, that raising fuel efficiency standards for cars and trucks will result in savings later on in terms of less energy consumption and smaller environmental clean-up costs. Again, the problem is how to explain this gigantic flip-flop to millions of Republicans who were convinced by conservative pundits that progressive and expensive are synonymous. It won't go down well with evangelicals who think Armageddon is right around the corner, and certain fossilized business sectors will recoil in horror at the notion that their selfishness won't result in any invisible hands saving the day. All in all, it looks grim for the Republicans in the long haul.

And I'm sure that Republican-bashers will be wiping their hands in malicious glee at the thought of the GOP being in deep waters. But I'm not a Republican-basher--or, at least, I don't think of myself as such. Hey, I like John McCain and Bob Dole, amongst others. I may disagree with some of their positions but I like them as people, and think they tend to have higher standards than, say, Newt Gingrich or John Ashcroft. To be blunt, if the Republicans did become more progressively-inclined, I for one would feel a lot better about the political process, and the future of this country.

Never Enough Shrooms Department

Mushrooms--toppings for salads, steaks, and pizzas? Or a potential bonanza of helpful benefits for humanity?

You decide.

Me, I'm up for eating radioactive Psyllocybin on a supreme deep-dish. If I'm going to trip I may as well go the Spider-Man route at the same time. And then we can spread mushrooms to clean up the mess I make while trying to figure out my super-powers!

Or maybe they'll cure me of the inevitable cancer that comes from chewing on Cesium 137-laden fungus. You never know!

(Never put your tongue firmly in cheek while chewing gum. BAD idea. BAD, BAD idea.)

Monday, August 30, 2004

Never Enough Off-Camera Faux Pas Department

You'd think by now that Republicans would realize that, just because one's interview isn't being broadcast at that exact moment, doesn't mean that nobody's recording, or paying attention.

For example, Bob Dole, who has been brought forth by Dubya in order to defend the Swift Boat Veterans group's integrity, said that "[t]here's got to be some truth to the charges" if only because "not every one of these people can be Republican liars."

And then Wolf Blitzer, the interviewer, showed Dole a clip from the Kerry ad which pointed out that Bush attacked John McCain's patriotism during the 2000 campain. The ad featured a clip of McCain telling Bush that he should be ashamed for stooping so low.

Bob Dole didn't have to see the clip--he remembered the debate where McCain lambasted Bush. But just after Wolf faded to the clip, Bob Dole had an off-the-record, but honest answer: "He was right."

I do not understand what it is that makes honorable Republicans stick loyally to the party even when its leadership commits shameful acts. I don't understand why McCain is supporting Bush after all this. Then again, I don't know why we still support Israel, for example. All I do know is that we must vote Bush out of office, lest US politics be permanently be-Roved.

Friday, August 27, 2004

Never Enough Prairie Home Sense Department

There's never been any doubt of Garrison Keillor's politics, really, but the fact that he can wrap it all up in homespun homilies, and yet use a richness of language that is rare in the age of the soundbite, shows that there may well be hope if his message can get out.

Here is the message. Enjoy--I did!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Never Enough Measured Decisiveness Department

Arianna Huffington has a new column on the tyrrany of the vacillating, intellectually lazy undecided voter, and it's a hoot:

According to a new poll by the National Annenberg Election Survey, 46 percent of undecided and persuadable voters say they find the [Swift Boat Veterans For Truth's] vile ads 'very or somewhat believable'.

Believable?! But then why are we surprised that the folks who are still on the fence nearly four years into one of the most disastrous and polarizing presidencies in American history find foaming-at-the-mouth accusations that John Kerry might have shot himself because it would look good on his resume 'believable'?

Damn, Arianna, as usual you rock. And it really touches on an issue that has been gnawing at me for some time. To wit, I don't have problems with principled conservatives (or principled liberals/progressives for that matter) as much as I do with the increasingly large number of people who are apathetic about politics except when swayed by the unprincipled use of attack ads. As Bill Clinton mentioned on the Daily Show recently, attack ads are used because they work. And, in my opinion, attack ads work because people do not take the time to become informed in advance.

As long as a sizeable group of people refuse to learn about anything outside their lives, politics will be an ugly affair. So the question becomes, how do you convince the "swing vote" that they have a vested interest in paying attention to news beyond the sound bites on network news and on the front page of newspapers? That sort of attention takes both time and commitment, and while it is inherently patriotic to do so, it takes an educational effort to convince them so.

There's a new mission for progressives: They need to reach beyond their little circles of people who more or less agree with them, and reach out to the masses. Air America Radio is a step in the right direction, but more needs to be done. For instance, what if or Alternet found funding to start a nationwide newspaper in the vein of USA Today but with a more progressive slant? Sure, there are plenty of progressive magazines out there, but the key here is to find a relatively inexpensive way of increasing circulation while educating and encouraging people to think in bolder, more optimistic ways, and to invite action rather than passivity.

It won't happen right away, but I hope it happens sooner rather than later. America needs it.

Friday, August 20, 2004

Never Enough Pleasant Surprises Department

Salon has a great piece today comparing Bush's election prospects to, of all things, Jimmy Carter's. That's a sad comparison indeed, but it rings true--Bush's Presidency is so crummy that it'll be invoked every time a Republican candidate runs for President for the next decade or more, as a reminder of how wrong things can get if we elect one of them. It's no healthier for politics than the current election's prelediction for negative attack ads, really. But it will hopefully force the Republicans to reconsider the nature of their base and perhaps force it to recoup some sembalance of mainstream politics.

As I doubt most of my readership are willing to deal with so much as a Salon day pass sponsorship ad, I am quoting the end of the article, wherein the author briefly touches on Bush's "ownership society" speech, compares it to Carter's "malaise" speech, and then tells a story his father once told him:

Some time back, the great University of Texas economist Robert Montgomery was summoned before our Texas Legislature, then hunting subversives. According to legend, the hearing was the shortest on record. It consisted of a single question and answer. Not having ever seen a transcript, let me paraphrase:

Q.: Professor, do you believe in private property?

A.: Senator, I do believe in private property. I believe in it so strongly, I think everyone in Texas should have some.

HEH. Now you know why, despite efforts by extremist Republicans over the past few decades, I love my fellow Texans. You got to admire that much cheek combined with that much common sense.

Ah, but I ramble. I dare you to read the ad--if you, like me, pray that Bush get voted out of office, this article will cheer you up. Guaranteed.

Never Enough Fuel Technology Porn Department

OK, fine, I admit, my idea of "porn" isn't quite as restrictive as most--I don't have to have naked bodies in it, for instance--but this Washington Monthly article by Sam Jaffe is still quite masturbation-worthy in my eyes.

Why? Because it points out that there are ways to energy independence that are practical, economical, environmentally friendly, and easily implemented in the next decade or two. To wit: using new technologies to convert cellulose to ethanol, we can drastically reduce our dependence on foreign oil and make it economical to do so. Right now, ethanol is made from corn, which simply cannot be grown in enough quantities to supply adequate fuel for vehicles--not without simultaneously cutting US food production down to nothing. Using cellulose instead means any plant matter could be used. Thus, we could grow plants that are very hearty and need no irrigation or fertilizers, on land that would be useless for food crops, and then mow them to harvest the cellulose for ethanol production. The process of making cellulosic ethanol would be significantly cheaper than gasoline, let alone corn ethanol.

That's for the short term. For the long term, hydrogen fuel cells still look much more promising in terms of energy efficiency and pollutants. This is where a newly developed and inexpensive catalyst comes into play--it can strip the abundant hydrogen atoms from ethanol, making a fuel that would be pure enough for solid-state fuel cells. Make those solid-state fuel cells from ceramics capable of handling the heat, and you now have the ability to convert ethanol to hydrogen to abundant electrical power. There will be pollutants since the ethanol-based hydrogen would not be pure enough, but such pollutants would only be carbon that is already in the biosphere in the form of plants, not additional carbon from fossil fuels.

The bottom line is that this is all doable for mere billions--billions already being spent poorly by Dubya to pursue much more exotic lines of research. If John Kerry is serious about switching to a hydrogen-based economy, he and his policy wonks should read this article and give its proposal a serious consideration. For all the great ideas I've seen so far on energy alternatives, this is the first for which I've truly felt excited and inspired.

Monday, August 16, 2004

Never Enough Honest Assessments Department

"Working with computers isn?'t quite like biting the head off a live chicken, but it?s close."
--Rudy Rucker

Friday, August 13, 2004

Never Enough Security Hassles Department

It seems that overzealous security guards are still harrassing travellers for dumb reasons. This story reminds me too much of what happened to me back in 2002, when I was returning from X-Day 5. At the Columbus airport security gate I was stopped by guards because of a wall plaque.

This wall plaque, with its simulation cherry wood carved into bat wings, its dumb-looking brass demon head, and its Barbie-doll sized medieval weapons, was considered a potential weapon because I might somehow hurt someone with the tiny mace.

That's what they said. My take? They decided to harrass me because I had something freaky and spooky, plus, being transsexual and dressed in a leather coat in Summertime (hey, it gets COLD when camping!) left me looking like some sort of Trenchcoat Mafia wanna-be. Never mind that the Trenchcoat Mafia weren't involved in the Columbine shootings anyhow. Never mind that the vast majority of metalheads, goths, and similarly morbid-minded folks never commit a crime more serious than smoking pot. Never mind that the vast majority of terrorists and dangerous crazies don't look like a metalhead or goth.

FEH, I say. FEH!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

Never Enough Novel Data Collection Department

No doubt you've heard the RIAA and the MPAA complaining about how much money they lose to piracy. And there is little doubt you've heard the counter-arguments along the lines of "try before you buy".

Nuclear Elephant is attempting to collect hard data on the latter. If you ever downloaded something "illegally" from file-sharing services, and liked it so much that you purchased the item "legally", feel free to share your experience! (Where would I start?!?)

And no, no personal information is requested--you will be completely anonymous.

Why did I put the words "illegally" and "legally" in quotes, above? Because the RIAA and MPAA love to scream bloody murder about what they perceive as theft of their product, e.g. others' creative output, while engaging in practices that are technically legal but unprincipled and often unethical. But you knew all this. At least, I hope you did.

If you didn't know, you best check out and the Electronic Frontier Foundation's archive of DMCA articles.

Never Enough Eldricht Slithering Things Department

Funny, but only if you are into H.P. Lovecraft.

Well, depends on your state of intoxication, anyhow.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Never Enough Death Penalty Opposition Department

It appears that, for the first time since Michael Dukakis' disastrous run against George H. W. Bush, the Democratic Party has removed pro-death penalty language in their platform. Gutsy? Yes. Risky? Yes. But I dare the GOP to try to use the death penalty against Kerry.

Why the dare? Because Bush's record on the death penalty while serving as Texas Governor was so heartless that there is a web site dedicated to documenting Dubya's mocking, heartless attitudes towards the condemned--many of whom, on pure statistics alone, were certainly innocent.

Americans may be overwhelmingly (still) in favor of capital punishment for egregious crimes, but even the most stringently law-and-order conservative has to admit that Dubya has shown a remarkable lack of respect for human life. Should the Republicans thus try to use Kerry's opposition to the death penalty against him, they will find themselves hoisted by their own petards. Electrocuted by their own chairs. Injected with their own needles. The metaphors, and the deaths, go on.

Monday, July 26, 2004

Never Enough Capitalist Capitalists Department

"When you lose small businesses, you lose big ideas." -- Ted Turner

The quote above is from an essay Ted Turner wrote on media consolidation. Yes, that's right, the founder of CNN and the Turner empire of cable stations--starting with the Atlanta Superstation nearly 30 years ago--dares to speak on FCC regulations and the concentration of media in few hands.

And, as you can see from the quote, he's not fond of the current landscape. He strongly prefers a landscape where small businesses can become great through their own hard work and creativity, and not through endless cannibalization of other businesses. He even points out, with a nice twist of irony, that Rupert Murdoch wouldn't have reached the point where he can cannibalize other media outlets if it weren't for FCC rules in the first few decades after WWII which encouraged television outside of major corporate control. And he mourns the loss of innovation which has resulted from the loosening of FCC rules on ownership.

If Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch were ever put into a boxing ring and made to fight to the end, I'd bet my money on Ted. He's got a soul, and that means he can fight with more on his mind than the next million-dollar deal or tax break. Bless him.

Thursday, July 22, 2004

Never Enough Anti-Capitalist Capitalists Department

So Halliburton keeps getting into deep trouble for overcharging. Why this is a surprise is not clear to me. After all, Halliburton has proved its total incompetence in details such as delivering food and water to troops. In a true free market system (unlike the one we have now) incompetence on such a pervasive scale would be rewarded in short order with bankruptcy. In order to survive as a business, Halliburton is forced to step out of the realm of free enterprise; croneyism, padding invoices, and government leechery is an inevitable result of a corporation's attempts to escape the financial Grim Reaper. And they are committed to maintain the crookedness. Unlike a somewhat more legitimate business, such as Boeing--which also uses croneyism, invoice padding, and generous government contracts to stay in business--at least Boeing has a legitimate product line. It's much more difficult to see how Halliburton can afford to stay in business without relying on friends in high places and a lack of financial oversight to keep their profit margins overly inflated. Surely no energy corporation interested in longevity can afford to keep the Halliburton hog fattened. I think the time has come for some bacon. Mmmmmmmmmm. Bacon.

Friday, June 25, 2004

Never Enough Frank Exchanges Department

Ooh, such naughty words from the second most-powerful man in American politics! That just won't do at all!

Oddly enough, the Washington Post ran the quote verbatim, without even the typical self-censorship that most newspaper editor f---s employ. Apparently there were a few complaints, including an email that said, "How utterly sad for your fine paper."

Fine paper? What about the fine institution of the Senate, or of the Vice Presidency?

In reality, I am not particulary concerned about the use of any obscenity by any adult. However, it is not hard to see Cheney's outburst as another crumbling brick falling from the tower upon which Bush's presidency stands. So, Mr. Cheney, by all means--cuss like a sailor, every day, from now until November. You deserve the chance to vent that overloaded spleen of yours, given that you aren't getting nearly rich enough off Iraq yet. Curse away! You'll feel better. Especially after Election Day.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Never Enough Reagan Memories Department

Can't remember all the things that Reagan did while in office? Too young to even know what he did? Here's a little reminder. Don't choke!

Oh, for what it's worth, I got zero hate mail for my earlier post. I kinda figured that the notion of some neo-con putting a pillow over Reagan's face would have resulted in some sort of reaction! For shame! Just for that, I'm spanking my readers--both of you. Bend over.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

Never Enough Creepy Conspiracies Department

I know it's dreadful to think of such things, but I couldn't help but wonder this morning at the timing of Reagan's death. So far it's provided a respite from talk of Iraq, allowing continuing deaths and strife to be buried under endless eulogies for a man who largely doesn't deserve the praise he is still receiving.

So what if, say, some nameless Bushie paid a visit to Reagan's ranchhouse and, when Nancy wasn't looking, put a pillow over Ronnie's face? You know, just enough to weaken his health further. I can't imagine any conservative (especially neocons) wanting to kill Reagan outright, mind you, but it would be awfully convenient if he did die, just in time to remove some heat from Dubya's failures.

OK, I have a sick sense of humor. Growing up under Reagan/Bush will do that to you. Here's proof.

Monday, June 07, 2004

Never Enough Schizoid Leaders Department

Bush's Erratic Behavior Worries White House Aides

If only half of this article can be corroborated, and if Americans at large could find out about the story, I don't think Dubya would stand a chance at re-election. Guess that makes me an Enemy of The State... of Bush's Mind.

Damn psycho.

Saturday, May 29, 2004

Never Enough Shared Community Department

I've argued for some time that libertarian-style goverments (or all-out anarchy for that matter) requires a stronger sense of community than which is enjoyed today. Without a community to provide a strong support system, the community's needy will either require welfare, or else suffer gravely. But a proper community takes care of its own.

Fortunately, not all the world has forgotten this need for community, and for that matter, not all Americans have forgotten either. So there is hope for returning this country to a form of greatness that we, in our rush to be individuals insulated by personalized consumer goods, have neglected for far too long.

If you agree with the article, you can start by getting to know your neighbors. All else will follow in time.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Never Enough Multidimensional Mirrors Department

Fall into this maze of mirrors extruded into ten dimensions (more or less), and see if you can grok this perfect example of frop consciousnesslessness.

And then, to suddenly switch gears, watch the guy zoom right past you! HEUNGH!

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Never Enough Human Kleenex Department

Dubya Acts Like Schmuck In Unguarded TV Moment

So there you have it--Dubya is Yetinsyn, but too retarded for even SubGenius purposes. He's spiritually retarded, and that's just the uncoolest unhip ungroove unscene, undaddyo. Yo.

Friday, April 23, 2004

Never Enough Consumer Shock Department

This is a most wonderful video. Now if only there was one for Laibach's "War"....

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Never Enough Awesome Remixes Department

If listening to "Zwei Tribes (Frankie Goes To Hollywood vs Laibach Mix)" doesn't put a certain spring in your step, well, maybe you should take some of the Kool-Aid and lie down.

Thanks to Chris Lewis, fellow member of the Laibach-NSK group on Yahoo!, for remixing two great examples of disco bombast into a coherent, bodacious whole.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Never Enough Gimpy Updates Department

Well, well, well. Hasn't this been a most interesting year. But what else can you expect when the major presidential candidates are quite possibly Geronimo skull-fuckers. (I wouldn't say "probably", I'm more of the belief that the Skulls And Bones Society uses Geronimo's skull in their vomitorium instead, but that's only because of that one picture.)

But since the year has begun, I've been laid off yet again, only to pick up a piddlin'-pay gig on contract for six months. Already I think I should keep my eyes open for better openings. At least I don't forfeit unemployment insurance as a result, and Washington has an "at-will" employment law, so I can always say, "No thanks" at the end of the contract. So we'll be OK money-wise as long as we don't go hog wild. The downside is that it is looking bleak for my attending X-Day.

Except that there's the question of who'll escort Rev. Dr. Big Boy on his pilgrimage to the Colomnibus of Endless Star Wars Movies. If I'm travelling as far as Ohio, why not at least make an overnight appearance? Dobbs DID say we HAD to party, and in that aspect I have been sinning badly lately, but I now seek redemption. Shit, I might even let Legume Bobtise me this time, just to make sure the non-party stink stays off.

But then there's the matter of taxes--as in, we owe. OH, WOE, WE OWE!

Hard times, yes. But that's a good thing in its own right. That which doesn't kill us, makes us bitch loudly, and yet I can't help but to look at the plusses. Having a well-paying job gets you fat; being married gets you fat; finding passion in Asian cuisine and Mexican food gets you fat; and most of all, sitting on your ass for hours at a time gets you fat. Being broke means I have to bust ass more and eat restaurant food less. Fuck Atkins--try the Bush Diet and watch the pounds melt away! The secret is in the arsenic!

But, you know, never mind the weight loss tips, for despite all this craziness, I have truly, no, REALLY been blessed. I've received the first true, sizeable donation to LVF Ministries, Fools' Press, SSUCC, Church of the Skullfarmer's Daughter, Brute Force Productions, and whatever other whimsical weird name I've made STUFF under. To wit, a brand new Power Mac G4. Considering that my beloved six-year-old G3, Wanda LePetomane, finally decided it couldn't go on anymore, however, it's not entirely as if it were truly something for nothing. Soon, I need to yank Wanda's poor hard drive out and see if a little Lazarusin' can be done on the data. If so, and if I have a space for it, I may just leave the other drive there and start consolidating data. Maybe one day I'll actually USE the data for something. Could happen, I reckon. Maybe.

And so, with OS X 10.3 running, and X11 installed without any deep UNIX voodoo. Why X11? Partially, it's so I can run and be able to handle others' icky Microsoft files without actually installing Microsoft code. While the program itself doesn't come with an installer (expecting the voodoo) there are many freeware installers designed to install automatically. Some install X11 first. But never mind all that. The real, deep, true, honest reason for all this is... The GIMP.

That's "GNU Image Manipulation Program"--GNU originally being an interoperable alternative to UNIX And GNU means "GNU's Not UNIX"--*NIX geeks love self-referential acronyms almost as much as they love weird, filthy, dangerous acronyms and command names. In UNIX, "man kill" is a valid and useful command. So is "fsck". That's the true reason why geeks love UNIX, Linux, BSD, and all the other operating systems. Using it is just like cussing, and so it's the perfect OS for any computer.

Anyhow, GNU started a concept of free software--not open-source, mind you--with a flexible but legally rock-solid licence, so it happens that when the idea of a free Photoshop-like program for UNIX came around, they'd wind up giving it that name. I figure they were thinking about the kind of gimp who's constantly bound, gagged, and hooded in his/her owner's dungeon, and not about amputees, but when it comes to UNIX geeks and their fetishes, there really isn't ANY telling.

GIMP, too, is now ridiculously easy to install on Mac OS X. As long as X11 is already installed, you just drag and drop it onto your hard drive, and then you start it like any Mac appy. Feature-wise, it's like Photoshop 4 but it can do things that no version of Photoshop can, like being able to mix-and-match tabs full of pallettes, tools, functions, layers, channels, etc. in any layout you like, or the Script Fu feature
which requires writing code but allows for an incredible amount of automation that macros can't touch. And, it works great. Aside from the learning curve of a somewhat different graphics program, you can do quite a bit. The picture here should show you what I mean.

Monday, April 12, 2004

Saturday, March 20, 2004

Never Enough Economic Suck-Assery Department

Well, it had to happen, didn't it? I am again amongst the unemployed. It won't be fun, but this time I am making an extra effort to stay positive, focused, active, and generally kicking ass.

No, really. The yard is starting to look good again. I even got all the rotting, wet leaf gunk off the walkway. And that stuff was some dag-nasty evil stuff. But it'll make excellent mulch.

And then I shall plot against the evil English Ivy, and thwart their every plan. NYES!!! The ivy shall falter and perish, and only the righteous trees and lawn shall remain, and some of that cool looking native ivy too. And stuff.

Donations, of course, are always accepted. The War On Ivy probably won't be cheap.

Never Enough Obvious Predictions Department

The reason why Dubya has been showing up in his ads to personally endorse the message is quite simple: Later on, they can run some REALLY questionable material without Dubya's face, and make sure it doesn't easily trace back to them. But, as typical for this administration, they'll screw that up as well and it'll just join the mountain of embarrasments that has come out of the presidency. That wouldn't be so bad, given averages, if Dubya didn't make so goddamned many. And this, friends, is why it really doesn't hurt to have a president who is willing to challenge their own beliefs now and then.

No, really.

Friday, February 27, 2004

Never Enough Activist Judges Department

The White House truly must think enough Americans are stupid enough to believe the hype about "activist judges". The way that Dubya talks about the subject, you'd think there was a small cadre of judges who were willing to subvert the Will Of The People (TM) in order to push an agenda which is far removed from The People's best interests.

Dubya didn't pass his civics classes in junior high, I guess. Either that, or he's using the term "activist judge" as a cynical ploy. Take your pick.

All judges are "activist judges". After all, the Judiciary is part of the government, and their role is not at all passive. There is much more to their job than to try the accused or oversee lawsuits. Indeed, a major part of their job is to not only interpret the law, but to determine whether or not one law is in conflict with the Constitution, either on a state or federal level. As constitutions are universally considered the highest law of a jurisdiction, if a law conflicts with the constitution in question, the law is considered invalid. It's a pain in the ass, especially if you'd love to issue edict after edict... er, I mean law after law.

Any student of American history should be able to cite a few cases where a judicial ruling resulted in vast social change. Uusually, in the end, the change has been accepted as a good thing, regardless of whether the change was in accord or disagreement with the ruling. Therefore, do not be scared off by the notion of activist judges--they're the best kind.

Friday, February 06, 2004

Never Enough Clever Tactics Department

I find the recent attacks on the US "intelligence community" to be rather cunning. Here is the basic outline:

  • Dubya Cheney & Co. start off their administration talking about how to justify a war with Iraq.

  • The WTC is attacked--if you believe some conspiracy theorists' claims, with the full knowledge of the US government.

  • With Afghanistan as a "successful" test, the administration starts egging the CIA and other intelligence agencies to find evidence that Saddam Hussein posed a threat to the US.

  • No evidence is found, and yet the administration claims that incontrovertible proof has been found of WMDs in Iraq. War ensues.

  • When an exhaustive search fails to find any proof that Iraq could produce WMDs, let alone launch an attack with them, where does the blame fall? Not on the administration's heads--on the intelligence agencies!

It's almost too clever, really. Even if Tenet et al. claim they never stated there was a threat, that's OK, because as we well know, the intelligence community is a bunch of total incompetents, so you can't trust them either way. No wonder they screwed up 9/11 so badly!

Except I think the incompetency isn't coming from the intelligence agencies at all. It takes a certain kind of willful ignorance to make that sort of argument work--and if enough people are also willfully ignorant, they'll fall for the argument. There's plenty of signs that many have fallen for it.

But not nearly enough, Rove. Not nearly enough.

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Never Enough DIY Crap Department

Your very own shitty alt-rock band! Or your very own shitty hard rock band. Or your very own shitty dub band.

(Kontraband rules.)

Never Enough Perspective Department

So you can better understand the significance of the New Hampshire Democratic primary results:

"About 200,000 voters participated in the Democratic primary, easily eclipsing the record 170,000 turnout in 1992 when Paul Tsongas defeated then Arkansas Gov. Bill Clinton."

Need I say anything more?

Thursday, January 22, 2004

Never Enough Dean Slamming Department

The media are on a roll, acting like Dean's disappointing performance in Iowa, combined with his post-caucus shouting, means that Dean is dead politically. Which, naturally, is total bullshit. Nobody expects Iowa to indicate more than the general viability of a candidate--in other words, if you place third in Iowa, historically speaking, you still have a good chance of winning the endorsements of the party. But I don't think that's what people are reacting to, so much, as the notion of Dean being angry.

I saw the footage of Dean's concession speech, like many people. Unlike most, however, I did not see a man who was angry or unhinged.

I saw what many high-schoolers, especially in states where football is a major part of the culture, often see--a pep rally with a coach exuberently rallying the troops after a disappointing loss, reminding them that greater things, perhaps Greatness Itself, lie ahead, if only they stay the path. Nothing shocking there to me. In fact, it reminded me so much of home that I started reminiscing.

I grew up in Mesquite, Texas, and my high school's football team never really seemed to have potential. There were talented players, but no real cohesion or driving spirit helped make them into a true team, capable of surmounting to much.

We then had a change of coaches--and compared to the gentle, softly spoken, humble man that came before, the new coach seemed angry much of the time, and excitable when not angry. His calm moments were rare. Some wondered if replacing coaches was a mistake. And yet, this new coach brought to my senior year a football team, and that one year, we went to the biggest losers in the district to being in the top three, and played in the playoffs for a few games before being defeated. The year after graduations, not only did that same football team make the playoffs, but also soundly defeated our rivals in a spetacular fashion.

Now, it's awfully odd of me to use football as a metaphor for politics. I'm not Hunter S. Thompson, after all--I don't need to live a tenth the kind of life he has. Nor am I generally interested in sports, although if I won free women's basketball tickets I'd probably see the game. But that's the dyke in me.

But my point, simply put, is that Dean should not be written off just yet. He may prove to be exactly what the Democratic Party--and the United States by extension--truly needs. I'd certainly prefer an animated, emotional President over one who blandly smiles from underneath his coif, robotically acting as his advisors recommend. And Dubya is hardly the only Presidential candidate acting so.

"But, anger is not a sustainable means to get elected," some protest. And I agree. Then again, who says Dean will always be the anger candidate? Many other candidates have modified their approach after using an initial burst of outrage to turn from dark horses to contenders. Andrew Jackson is but one person from American history that comes to mind; I recommend you read how he went from being a soldier to an angry reform candidate to President fairly carefully. (But don't presume that Dean's politics will match Jackson's, either!)

I could write more, but I have other tasks that need attending. But I'm sure you haven't heard the last from me on this subject. Brace yourselves.

Never Enough Subtle References Department

So, the American Family Association has decided to pull its poll after an overwhelming number of people voted for gay marriage. That's no big shock; nor is it a shock that the AFA blames "homosexual activists"--which, I suppose, is code for "anyone who might think that homosexuality is not a thing of terrible evil that threatens to destroy this great country of ours."

But to me, it was a great shock indeed that the two people mentioned in the article are named Smith and Anderson. Maybe it's not so surprising when you consider that the article comes from Wired magazine, but after that, it will be difficult to not see the AFA as Agents of the Matrix, with "Misssssssssster Anderson" leading a Zion of gay-friendly folks in struggle against the Deus Ex Machina.

Let's just hope the ending to this epic struggle isn't as unbearably lame as the end of the Matrix trilogy.