Friday, December 30, 2005

Never Enough Human Nature Schmuman Nature Department

Daily Dose of Queer reported that the religious right group American Family Association is protesting the upcoming NBC series "The Book of Daniel" due to the fact that it dares show human beings as, well, human beings. Apparently the portrayal of a drug-dependent Episcopal priest with a lush wife and a gay Republican son, among other things, is disrespectful to the kinds of Christians the AFA wants seen on TV. Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't realize that depicting people's foibles, failings, and dramas was always and automatically a bad thing. I must've missed that verse in Leviticus that talked about boycotting TV networks if they show real life situations in their shows--it must've been sandwiched in-between the verses regulating slavery and separating menstruating women from everyone else for a week.

Ah, what a wonderful vision the AFA must have, of an America full of Mrs. Grundys. Of course, I guess it'd be too much trouble to keep the TV on PAX or ABC Family. Take pity on them--they only want what's best for their own limited, sad notions of morality.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Never Enough Conservative Necromancy Department

I don't believe in magick in terms of it affecting the physical world in any direct way. You can make changes in your own consciousness through magick, but changing lead to gold, or causing Ralph Reed to spontaneously combust, just ain't gonna happen. I know, I've tried.

That's a shame, too, because I'm sorely tempted to perform necromancy on Barry Goldwater. Yes, he's a conservative. Yes, he was borderline racist. Yes, he was opposed to any attempts by government to create a more equal society. But, more to the point, he was staunchly against using the military for "regime change", deeply distrustful of the religious right, and wary of giving political power to big business. In short, he'd be livid to see what his party, and the movement that claimed him as its figurehead, has done in the past few years.

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice," Goldwater said. And what could be more extreme than bringing the dead back to life, seeking revenge? Plus, you must admit, Zombie Barry would be a delight to watch. The only downside is if, following the stereotype, he craves human brains. Even after he was done with both houses of Congress, he'd be starving, and probably a little nauseated to boot.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

Never Enough Happy Holidays Department

Merry Christmas to any and all who might be reading today!

Happy Hanukhah, too. And Good Yule!

In our household, we celebrate all three holidays--Christmas, out of a sense of tradition; Yule, because we're "a bunch of goddamn pagans," as I've heard us called before; Hanukhah, because my stepson's half-Jewish.

Someone tell Bill O'Reilly so his head can explode, already. Me, I like all three holidays and my head's throbbing as is.

It doesn't help that someone successfully broke into my house two nights ago and stole the most expensive gift while my family was shopping. Not much else, thank the ghods--an old Playstation and a few of its games were the only other things taken. But we resolved not to let this get to us.

Oh, and Thea? I absolutely adore the little Kali statue that you got me. (N.B.: "Kali" is one link, and "statue" is another.)

Happy Holdays, everyone.

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Never Enough Eternity Department

Two perspectives on eternity:

First, DarkSyde's post on DailyKOS regarding the infinity of time.

Then, an old IBM educational video regarding the vastness of both inner and outer space.

What need have I for bibles, churches, or even our culture's particular, anthropomorphized ideas of gods, when I have a nearly unimaginably vast and ancient cosmos to contemplate?

Praise "Bob", anyway.