Sunday, December 25, 2005

Never Enough Happy Holidays Department

Merry Christmas to any and all who might be reading today!

Happy Hanukhah, too. And Good Yule!

In our household, we celebrate all three holidays--Christmas, out of a sense of tradition; Yule, because we're "a bunch of goddamn pagans," as I've heard us called before; Hanukhah, because my stepson's half-Jewish.

Someone tell Bill O'Reilly so his head can explode, already. Me, I like all three holidays and my head's throbbing as is.

It doesn't help that someone successfully broke into my house two nights ago and stole the most expensive gift while my family was shopping. Not much else, thank the ghods--an old Playstation and a few of its games were the only other things taken. But we resolved not to let this get to us.

Oh, and Thea? I absolutely adore the little Kali statue that you got me. (N.B.: "Kali" is one link, and "statue" is another.)

Happy Holdays, everyone.


Jacklyn Hyde said...

Sorry about the boogerheads who messed with your holidays. Hope they were, at the very least, filled with a lot of love!

Popess Lilith said...

They were--love, slack, and PRESENTS. Even with the theft, there was plenty of booty, such as the new keyboard that lets me actually TYPE, instead of CURSE AND RETYPE.