Saturday, May 29, 2004

Never Enough Shared Community Department

I've argued for some time that libertarian-style goverments (or all-out anarchy for that matter) requires a stronger sense of community than which is enjoyed today. Without a community to provide a strong support system, the community's needy will either require welfare, or else suffer gravely. But a proper community takes care of its own.

Fortunately, not all the world has forgotten this need for community, and for that matter, not all Americans have forgotten either. So there is hope for returning this country to a form of greatness that we, in our rush to be individuals insulated by personalized consumer goods, have neglected for far too long.

If you agree with the article, you can start by getting to know your neighbors. All else will follow in time.

Sunday, May 09, 2004

Never Enough Multidimensional Mirrors Department

Fall into this maze of mirrors extruded into ten dimensions (more or less), and see if you can grok this perfect example of frop consciousnesslessness.

And then, to suddenly switch gears, watch the guy zoom right past you! HEUNGH!