Saturday, November 17, 2001

Never Enough Transgender Awareness Department

Temenos, one of my favorite GLBT resources on the planet, ran an article by Kai Williams to try to illustrate what it is like to be poor and transgendered, and interviewed transgender activist Jessica Xavier:

"We continue to be one of the most stigmatized populations on the planet," says Xavier, the former director of a national coalition of transgender political groups called It's Time! -America. Xavier recently cajoled the local health department into financing a survey of around 250 transgender people in D.C. Forty percent of respondents had not finished high school, and another 40 percent were unemployed. Almost half had no health insurance and reported not seeing a physician regularly. A quarter reported being HIV-positive, and another 35 percent reported having seriously considered suicide.

Xavier's was the latest in a series of such studies done in cities where relatively emboldened trans activists have pushed local officials to begin considering public policy solutions to their health care concerns. Across the board, they have found largely the same thing: higher rates of just about every indicator of social and economic distress. "And all because of the stigma," Xavier concludes.

Friday, November 16, 2001

Never Enough Dr. Gene Scott Department

From a rant by infamous Christian televangelist Dr. Gene Scott, in response to Jerry Falwell's remarks regarding the role of The American way, gays, lesbians, feminists, abortionists, etc. in the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001:
Christianity has abused Christians. As though when something wrong goes wrong, or wronger, it's because you sinned. Although there'll be those that will preach, 'Because of America's sin, the judgement of God's on them' well, go to Hell, you voices of the Devil.
Dr. Gene Scott is the Christian televangelist Spin once called "The Morton Downey Jr. of televangelists". He's one of the few of that variety I can stand, and he is a personal inspiration for my ranting style. "Bob" bless Dr. Scott.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

Never Enough Courageous Women Department

My short duration personal saviors of the moment:

Women on Waves

Every year 20 million abortions are performed under illegal and unsafe conditions, resulting in the deaths of an estimated 70,000 women annually. In response to this medical calamity, Women on Waves has developed a mobile gynecological unit, the 'A-portable'. It can easily be loaded onto a ship, which enables it to travel to wherever it is needed worldwide. The 'A-Portable' can also travel by truck allowing it to go to countries where reproductive health services are legal but largely unavailable, for example due to war.

You go, girls.

Saturday, November 10, 2001

Never Enough Kick Ass Quotes Department

A quote from Iranian President Mohammad Khatami: "The horrific terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, in the United States were perpetrated by cult of fanatics who had self-mutilated their ears and tongues, and could only communicate with perceived opponents through carnage and devastation."

Heavy, dood.

Friday, November 09, 2001

Never Enough Lilith Opera Department

The NY Times has an article on a new opera simply named 'Lilith'. It appears to be based upon the story of Lilith as presented in the SubGenius-like medieval parody, "The Alphabet Of Ben Sira" but includes sources such as the Seder Olam.

I really wish to see it, not just because of the subject, and not just because of the lesbian scene with Eve, but because the distinction between magick and theater is very thin, and this appears to be as much a work of powerful and beautiful ritual as singing in costumes.

There is more at the New York City Opera web page if you would like to read more on this performance.

Thursday, November 08, 2001

Never Enough Pogo Department

"The best break anybody ever gets is in bein' alive in the first place. An' you don't unnerstan' what a perfect deal it is until you realizes that you ain't gone be stuck with it forever, either." -- Porkypine

Never Enough Silver Linings Department

With the revelation that our gas money has been used to fund terrorist acts against ourselves, many Americans are starting to look at last at the issues that environmental issues couldn't touch before. True, the energy crisis in California earlier this year helped press the issue. But even then, all the solutions that had been offered were solutions we have been offered before--nuclear power, increased domestic oil production, and conservation at home. None of these solutions encouraged fundamental and permanent changes to the way we view energy; once power was readily available again, the changes reverted. Witness the gas-guzzling of SUVs, largely eroding away any gas savings of the previous twenty years' worth of improved gas mileage.

But this time, we have San Francisco and Seattle moving into providing alternative energy sources--such as wind power and solar energy--for their customers. We have gas/electric hybrid cars with incredible gas mileage, and I'm sure these hybrid cars will become more popular and more feature-filled as time goes on. We have fuel cells that can convert gasoline or hydrogen directly into electric power and which are far more efficient than combustion, and car companies are finally starting to look into fuel cells as a bridge between gas-powered and electric-powered cars. And thanks to vast improvements in materials, we now have flywheels capable of storing an immense amount of energy in a compact space, which should also help the transition from gas to electricity.

So while the stormclouds of war are quite frightening and potentially destructive, the silver lining is that we may end our dependence on foreign oil and improve our relationship with the environment in one fell swoop.