Friday, June 27, 2003

Never Enough Moving Headaches Department

It's appoaching June 28, the date that Thea and I had set for our move.

We aren't nearly done packing.

The people who were living in the house are still moving out.

We signed the lease, but until the house is fully vacated, we have no key.

We're hoping to get a week's extension on our current apartment, and only pay a portion of July's rent, so that we can buy time (literally!) to finish the move.

The new owner of our apartment building has been reluctant to give us the extension.

We're annoyed. But it'll be worth it, when all is said and done.

If only the tenants of the old house would stop repainting and cleaning and concentrate on moving their crap out.

Oh well. Even Eden had a snake in it.

Never Enough Organic Waste Fuel Stock Department

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin have come up with a catalyst that uses inexpensive metals to extract hydrogen from organic wastes. This device is expected to give a good boost to the conversion from a fossil fuel based economy to a hydrogen fuel based economy. Food processing plants, dairy farms, and paper mills--to name but a few--can dump their glucose-rich wastes into the catalyst and generate hydrogen that can be used to run the facilities.

As my friend Rev. Prostata Cantata said, "I wanna run my fuel-cell car on cheese."

Saturday, June 07, 2003

Never Enough Big Plans Department

A small gray house overlooking the Garden of Eden--complete with apple tree.

That's our future.

Thea and I will begin moving in after the 20th, after which our new home--Grayhaven Slack Recovery Center--will be open to the few souls worthy of being able to lounge under evergreen trees, walk on mossy ground, munch on blackberry brambles, then go inside for a hot bath in a real tub, cook in a large kitchen, and then go back out onto the porch for a cool, shady nap.

And the rent is very affordable.