Saturday, November 12, 2011

Web Cam Girls I Mistake For My Gay Metalhead Friends

This morning I had an interesting little chat with a Web Cam Girl I
Mistook For My Gay Metalhead Friend, based on having similar IM

WCGIMFMGMF: hey u there? :) Hey i wanna meet you ,msg if you can
ME: Hey, LTNS!
WCGIMFMGMF: have we chatted before?? im 24/f u ?
ME: LOL! I thought you were a friend of mine who also goes by that handle. :)
WCGIMFMGMF: Just finished taking a bath..long day been kind of busy
but i'm feeling a little naughty now! so what's up?? ... want to have
some fun? ;)
ME: What kind of naughty?
WCGIMFMGMF: hehe u sure u can handle me when i'm naughty?
ME: I'm a domme sadist latex fetishist leatherdyke who's into fisting,
knives, and flogging the crap out of lippy bottoms. You sure you can
handle *me*?
ME: LOL--why not look it all up, or find some horny dude to cam with. :)