Friday, January 14, 2005

Never Enough Catch-Ups Department

I know, I know, it seems like ages since I've posted here. So, here is what I've been up to:

1) For those who like my occasional posts on energy, you will probably love Fuel For Thought, a new energy roundup I am hosting on DailyKos. Each week will bring new energy news, commentary, and snarkiness, and it's guaranteed to engage. By all means, check it out!

2) I've also been busy posting commentary to various threads on DailyKos. For instance, Howard Dean--the frontrunner for becoming Chair of the Democratic National Committee--has been asking his supporters not to overwhelm all DNC members with emails, but instead contact their local DNC members via hand-written letters. Some have objected to what they see as an edict. Naturally, I disagreed. It's not just a commentary on Dean's DNC Chair campaign, however, but in many ways it suggests ways that Democrats can become more effective by being more focused on the homefront, being more personable, and being passionate without being put-offish.

3) In addition, I received a wonderful (if late) holiday present--a MIDI interface, so I can plug Thea's keyboard into my Mac, and then use Garageband to arrange compositions. I've started experimenting, and while nothing of substantial length has been completed yet, I have a lot of promising material to work with. I'll see what I can do to extend and expand upon what I've written thus far, but there are two things that'd help greatly--a (forthcoming) keyboard stand, and Garageband 2, which includes the ability to work in standard musical notation instead of just MIDI. Being classically trained in 'cello, it is remarkably easier for me to work with notes and staves than with "piano roll" blocks. But until then, I'll settle for a keyboard stand, so I don't have to precariously balance the keyboard on my lap while trying to work out a harmony.

4) Finally, I broke my arm back in December, when I slipped on asphalt and landed with the bulk of the impact on my right palm. It's what they call a "radial neck fracture", meaning that the radius bone in the forearm got cracked right under the "head", or elbow joint. Usually, such a fracture doesn't get a cast. It either gets surgery, or a sling. I got a sling--lucky me. It was in terrible pain for the first few days, especially the night of the fracture, when I couldn't even sign the hospital admittance forms. I had a limited supply of hydrocodone which didn't last 48 hours, after which I went on a regimen of ibuprofen and acetominaphen. Nowadays I have much of my mobility back, and aside from a dull throb when I overextend my arm, I've got use of the arm. (Hey, I'm typing this, right?) So all is well and good.

I'll try to, at minimum, post links when I have something new on DailyKos. And, of course, I will comment whenever there's something that doesn't fit on DailyKos, but which I'd like to share.

(BTW, the new Mac Mini and the iPod Shuffle rock my world, and if I ever get either, I'll probably scream like a prepubescent 60s girl at a Beatles concert. Guaranteed. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!)