Sunday, April 12, 2009

Never Enough Convention Fun Department

I have spent this past weekend at Norwescon 32, one of the largest and oldest science fiction/fantasy conventions in the Pacific Northwest, and I must say I had a blast--far more fun than I was expecting. It probably helped that my dear friend Amber is running IT for the convention and needeed help. Anyone who has been with me at a SubGenius event knows how hard it is for me to relax--slack, for me, is quite Emergentile in nature and is best experienced in a blast of overthrusters and screams of "hiIwouldlovetotalkbutIgottarunseeyousoonbye!" Keeping occupied and feeling like a useful contributor helps that along.

It was also a chance to check out the Intergalactic Bank of Timbuktu and their slave auction at the convention. Amber was willing to lend me some Timbuks from her account to bid on... well, her, but we'll save that story for later. Even if I didn't find anyone to bid for, I loved the show. I didn't get to attend the Robert The Bruce Memorial Scotch-Off--it conflicted with the IBT auction--but I hear that was a roiling good time.

I will comment more later....