Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Never Enough Pure Nanotubes Department

Up to this point, attempts to make carbon nanotubes--basically little straws made from atomic carbon--have been daunting. There has always been a high number of impurities, meaning that it's been expensive to make enough nanotubes to, say, make tiny circuitry or build super-strong cables, just to mention a few potential applications. Removing impurities has always been a huge part of the cost of making nanotubes.

Until now. It seems that adding a tiny amount of water to the carbon mixture helps ensure a very pure batch of nanotubes.

Since one possible use of nanotubes includes building a space elevator, this development has me wondering if such a space elevator will be built in my lifetime. It might well get built sooner rather than later.


Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Never Enough Inspiring Tactics Department

Oliver Willis is quickly turning into my favorite political blogger. Click the link to see why.

Yes, I've been a little quiet since the election. Quiet here, anyhow. At DailyKos, well, it's a little different. See for yourself.