Saturday, March 29, 2003

Never Enough Server Updates DepartmentNever Enough Server Updates Department

Oh, I fogot to mention that SSUCC-L is back and in full swing. All Seattle area SubGeniuses and friends are welcome.

Never Enough Bush Doctrine Hating Department I stand behind the US troops. I also want them to come home quickly. I also know that, despite my opposition to this war, they will not be withdrawn just because of massive demonstrations worldwide, global leaders and allies condemning the war, or negative press. So it seems that the best way for them to get home quickly, at this point, is to win the war quickly. A quick victory, however, seems to be evaporating. "Shock and awe" is a joke. The Bush administration's propaganda war prior to the invasion, while somewhat effective, wasn't effective enough--all it has done is made Saddam's loyal troops and Baath Party members even more brutal and inhumane, pushing regular army conscripts to fight when they'd rather surrender. Several mistakes have been made, the biggest of which was to presume that a strategy that led to victory in impoverished, backwater Afghanistan could be used to gain victory in oil-rich, relatively secular and modernized Iraq. Is there any end to American arrogance? How did we get to be this bad? More to the point, how did we let our leaders get so bad? I've come very close to using my first paycheck to finance a "freedom tickler" product, just to see how many idiots are willing to buy a French Tickler in red, white, and blue. For that matter, France's flag is red, white, and blue too! How about, in protest, we change our flag's colors? Black for oil, green for money, and of course we'll keep the red, since Americans seem to love a good fight. Yesterday I mentioned to Thea that one anti-war "direct action" suggested sending boxes to the White House--without return addresses--clearly labeled "Our Blood For Oil", containing used tampons and sanitary napkins sealed in ziplock bags. Today Thea alluded to this action, saying she didn't like the idea of sending Dubya blood that he could then sacrifice to his Dark Lord. I replied, "Who, Jehovah?" One good result should come of all this war nonsense--I seriously doubt that Dubya will be re-elected. Now to keep my cynicism from overwhelming this conclusion....

Never Enough Job Updates Department So far, the job is going well. I'm still in the training period, but it's getting much more interesting. Last week was all classes, which alternated between fascinating and mind-numbing, depending on how deep into the technology we got. This week, however, I was busy attempting a whole-cloth installation of the product I will be supporting. The first step was to install Oracle properly. Ugh. For three days I labored, only to get odd error messages every time. Finally I simply reformatted the drive on my test machine, reinstalled the OS, and then gave Oracle another try. Success! By Thursday afternoon I had the software working 100%... and then trashed it running a script that I thought would upgrade the install. Oh well. It took far less time to reinstall it the second time around, to be sure. Using the correct instructions, I began the upgrade process anew, but ran into another Oracle snag when it refused to let me log in so I could make some needed changes to the database. Ugh, again. Oh well, I'll take another stab on Monday.

Never Enough Blogware Tests Department I'm currently testing iBlog, a new appy which lets me post to my blog without having a browser open. If all goes well, I will probably use iBlog to help increase my posting frequency. (Yeah, right.)

Saturday, March 15, 2003

Never Enough Sudden Changes Department

If you can read this, then you know there's been some changes. First off, my previous server--which used to be a free employee account courtesy my last job--was shut down since I haven't been an employee for well over a year. I wasn't notified, however, so after a few days I got 'em to turn it back on while I grab data.

My current, temporary server, has no FTP access, and Blogger doesn't use alternatives like SCP yet. So the first noticable change is a new URL for this blog, at However, will still be up and handle the redirection, so there's no need to change your bookmarks just yet. And once I have a new server up, I intend to re-establish my own blog site.

A less noticable change is that the mailing list for the Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches & Crackpots (SSUCC) got corrupted during the downtime. I'm trying to get the list subscription file restored so that I can revive it. When it returns, it'll be hosted under rather than; I'll post a notice when that happens.

The new job is going well; I like the support team a lot. So far it's nothing but reading manuals and asking questions, and next week I get a week of training, after which I'll probably start taking support issues.

Oh yeah, just because I can't resist adding an entry about metal: is now hosting samples from the new, self-titled Voivod album! GO NOW!

Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Never Enough Evil Shockwave Games Department

Thanks to, you can now play the first fully realistic Gulf War 2 simulator! Watch with glee as the Middle East collapses totally as a result of our arrogant stupidity! Laugh as Dubya wakes up early! Groan as Pakistan starts selling nukes! It's fun!

Monday, March 03, 2003

Never Enough Triumphant Returns Department

Life On Forbez is back! I'll add this strip once Blogger's got their template problems fixed. Again.

Never Enough Good Breaks Department


I got a job.