Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Never Enough No-Bullshit Posts Department

You might have heard about the Facebook group, "Killing your hooker so you don't have to pay her."
The good news is, that group has been shut down.

The bad news is, searching Facebook for "kill hooker" or "kill prostitute" digs up plenty more groups where that one came from.

Some people think it's just a GTA reference. Some think it's funny, no matter what. And some apparently think that it's OK, because they were advocating death only for prostitutes.

So let me make this painfully clear:

I have friends who have been prostitutes.

I have lovers who have been prostitutes.

I know many women--trans women, lesbians, feminists, moms--who have been prostitutes.

As far as I know, I might have friends, lovers, or other acquaintances who are currently prostitutes--if so, I don't know because it's not my damn business, or because they're too ashamed of it to admit it. Nor does it matter.

The bottom line for me is, if you hate prostitutes, or act like they are beneath you, or think that prostitutes deserve whatever fate they get, or if you just happen to think killing prostitutes is funny--then in my mind, you hate me. Because there's certainly been enough desperate times when I've considered sex work. Which means, whether you intended it or not, you've made me a potential target.

If you're one of these people, do me a favor and disassociate yourself from me, completely, on every social network you know me on. I would rather be friendless and surrounded by enemies than be led to think I am surrounded by friends.

I'm dead serious. You better think about it.