Thursday, December 23, 2004

Never Enough Festivus Airings Department

From the Daily Kos:

Fuck Bush for making it difficult for a mid-30s college graduate to find a decent-paying job with decent benefits. If this is happening to someone like me, how are those without college faring? I hope their cries of 'fuck Bush' only get louder.

Fuck Gonzales for ever saying that it's OK to torture. This isn't the Spanish Inquisition, damn it, it's a WAR, and not even a conventional war. Torture is for unprincipled spiritual weaklings. Fuck that shit.

Fuck Powell for not resigning much sooner with loud protests of how screwed up the White House had become. He should've been on the nightly news every night for a week, minimum, repeating that Bush was not to be trusted with a Red Rider, let alone trusted with the full force of the world's most powerful military. He should've introduced shame to Bush for the first time in his ignorant, privileged life. He can go burn.

Fuck Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, and the rest of the neocon cabal at the Pentagon. Don't these goobers read history books? I thought they did, but if so, they sure as hell aren't learning anything except how to act like imperial thugs. They should stop reading books like The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich half-way, and dare to look at the other half. They'll have their own karmic rape and torture coming, to be sure.

Fuck Cheney. Fuck Rove. Fuck Laura Bush for being 'supportive' instead of saying, 'You know, George, you're an asshole and a dry drunk, and I'm taking the house and the kids. Just try to send your daddy's lawyers after me, and you will be flogged in public.' Fuck the Bush Twins for not telling their dad to get bent. Fuck Barbara Bush for being a soulless matriarch that evidently fed Bush all the lies he knows about the 'lazy' poor and the 'criminal' liberals. Fuck George Sr. for not giving Junior more spankings when he obviously needed them.

Fuck greedy CEOs, spineless talking heads, conspiring media outlets, ignorant apathetics who think Saddam was a threat to anyone but himself, and fearful peasants who imagine dark shadows creeping around the family Hummer. Fuck oil economies. Fuck those without vision or grace. Fuck those who think 'fuck' is more obscene than 'war'. Fuck those who only read Genesis and Revelations and dare think they're saved by Jeebus.

Fuck debt. Fuck easy credit. Fuck second mortgages. Fuck Chinese ownership of our debts, public and private. Fuck pointless tax cuts and slashes to useful government programs. Fuck a lack of true leadership. Fuck 'CEO Presidents' and 'CEO Governors', may they be paper-cut to death by an avalanche of diploma-mill MBAs. Fuck pointless anger, and fuck having a total lack of anger when there are things that make it worth being angry.

Fuck shallowness of intelligence, dignity, respect, charity, love, hope, faith, and patriotism. Fuck pain, sorrow, loss, and death.

Just... fuck it all.

Happy Festivus, everyone!