Saturday, April 30, 2005

Never Enough Wishlists Department

To clean up the sidebars, I am moving some of the links to the blog archives. There will then be a section of links pointing to the archives. Neater, to be sure, than the current arrangement....

Never Enough Transgender Links Department

To clean up the sidebars, I am moving some of the links to the blog archives. There will then be a section of links pointing to the archives. Neater, to be sure, than the current arrangement....

Never Enough Comics Department

To clean up the sidebars, I am moving some of the links to the blog archives. There will then be a section of links pointing to the archives. Neater, to be sure, than the current arrangement....

Note: NWS = Not Work Safe (Why are you reading this at the office?!?)

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Never Enough Honey Wine Accidents Department

Sorry I went silent for almost a week. All I can say is, if you are drinking honey wine, make absolutely sure you don't spill it into your keyboard.

And since I will have to wait at least a week before I can get a replacement, I finally broke down and borrowed my stepson's iMac keyboard, just so I can get the text-only tasks done. Next step--to see if a good soak in rubbing alcohol might salvage the ruined keyboard. Wish me luck.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

Never Enough NSK Art Exhibitions Department

Having missed the NSK exhibit that coincided with the Laibach concert a few months back, I was delighted to hear that NSK is back in Seattle with an art exhibit at The Frye Museum, my favorite art museum in the city, and home to one of the best versions of Franz von Stuck's painting, "Sin." I missed the opening yesterday, which featured Ivan Novak of Laibach, Peter Mlakar of NSK's philosophy department, and IRWIN representatives, but I won't mind if the art is as stand-up as I expect it to be. This will be a rare delight!

Never Enough Hearing Loss Repair Department

So it appears that it's possible to rebuild damaged hearing nerves using electrical stimulations. We heavy metal fans are grateful for scientific progress. Hail tinnitus!

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Never Enough Anti-Poverty Movements Department

You'd think that it shouldn't be necessary to point out that AIDS, extreme poverty, and starvation should be challenged, but in this political climate, it is necessary and vital.

The ONE Campaign has a declaration--a petition, if you will--you can sign to show your support for increasing the US budget a miniscule amount to radically improve the lives of those who need it the most. Debt relief for impoverished countries crushed under World Bank and IMF policies, better agricultural policies and equipment, better educational opportunities for those yearning to learn and improve their lot--all these can be accomplished much more cheaply than believed, especially if coupled with a fight against corruption and waste. Sign the declaration if you will, and then help out with the ONE Campaign in whatever way you can. Thank you.

Never Enough Deity Cuties Department

A new book, Little India, presents Hindu mythology using the cutest images imaginable. Can you say, "Hello Kali"? Thea worries that such a book would incur the wrath of the mighty and often warlike Hindu gods, but frankly, I think they're giggling too much to smite. On the other hand, I think I will see if the author gets smitten before I purchase a copy....

Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Never Enough Unitarian Jihads Department

Free Image Hosting at

We are Unitarian Jihad! I am Sister Flechette Gun of Temperate Discourse! Find your Unitarian Jihad name here! Unless you'd rather find your Unitarian Jihad name here instead! Our Subcommittee on Non-Inflammatory Blog Entries note that you should have a choice in your name generators, with two abstentions. Brother Pepper Spray of Sweet Reason requested that it be noted in the minutes that you could make your own Unitarian Jihad name easily enough just by combining "Sister", "Brother," or even "Sibling" with a weapon name and a noun (with or without adjectives) that suggests calmness and rationality.

First, we will overthrow FOX News and replace them with pundits taken exclusively from the Columbia School of Journalism and select political science departments. We will round up all advertising executives and make them replace their marketing slogans with, "Are you sure you need this?" And then, we will take on the Roman Catholic Church and bring it to its knees, consentually of course, after which we will replace the Eucharist with coffee and cookies, and turn the Mass into a quiet, yet intellectually vigorous, political discussion on the nature of good and evil, if they should in fact exist, which the Committee on Whether Good And Evil In Fact Exists has yet to determine.

YOU WILL STOP YELLING AT YOUR TV. Long live the Revolution, until it has outlived its usefulness or is otherwise overturned by quorum. Now, let's have some coffee.

(Image shamelessly stolen from Mojave Sixty-Six's profile.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Never Enough Contradictions Department

I just found out that Andrea Dworkin died. As a transgendered feminist, I feel such contradictory feelings about this. On one hand, as a feminist pioneer, she raised a lot of questions and inspired much healthy debate on the nature of gender and patriarchy. On the other hand, she infuriated many who needed to join that debate. She advocated an end to gender, and yet attacked the transgendered for emulating and embracing genders to which they were not born or socialized. She demanded equality and dignity for women, while insisting that pornography and prostitution de facto stripped said dignity away from even those women who proudly indulged or participated in the same. She inspired new generations of women who felt that it was well within their rights to be bold and proud in their sex, gender, and sexuality, all the while often giving men the kind of stimulus they sought all along.

I was never a fan of Dworkin, but she made me think. For me, the true tragedy is: Dworkin is dead. And Schlafly is still alive.

Never Enough Job-Hunting Gripes Department

What's more annoying than looking for a job? Being offered a job that pays under what you are fully capable of earning. But worse still? Being offered such a job, only to find out later that the actual pay is even lower. I don't have much luxury to turn down this job, but as I have a few other leads that should be more lucrative, I hope something else turns up, real soon.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Never Enough Alternative Movie Rentals Department

Our house has a NetFlix subscription, which serves us well thus far. Since Thea watches more movies than I do, we have split our rentals so she gets two DVDs for every one I have out. And they do have an extensive selection. But, let's be honest, it's not as extensive as I might hope. Now, living in Seattle, I can always go to Scarecrow Video when I desire, but that's not always very convenient, or inexpensive.

So I'm intrigued by GreenCine, a new service that focuses on alternative movies--indie, foreign, anime, even adult titles--and lets you decide how many DVDs to check out at a time. It's a little more expensive per month than NetFlix at the 3 DVD rate, but considering that they donate a portion of the rental fee to film art organizations nationwide, that hardly bugs me. If NetFlix winds up annoying me too much--or if Thea starts wanting more NetFlix check-outs at once!--I'll consider joining GreenCine to scratch my movie itches.

(Kudos to LifeHacker for noting GreenCine in their blog. Lifehacker is one of my favorite non-political blogs and is always full of useful and/or interesting information. Do check it out--and note it's part of my Blogroll!)

Friday, April 08, 2005

Never Enough Queer Art Submissions Department

Fresh Meat Productions is hosting an exhibition of visual art by transgender, intersexed, and genderqueer artists. They are seeking contributions, and if you are trans/queer and create visual art, consider submitting your work. The deadline is April 22, 2005, so get crackin'!

I might submit something--we'll just have to see, no?

Never Enough Guestbook Nostalgia Department

Now that I have enabled comments, I am phasing out the guestbook I have hosted on DreamBook for the past couple of years. However, in case any of you miss it, here is the old guestbook.

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Never Enough Extra Catch-Ups Department

OK, it's been three months since my last blog entry. What's been going on? In short:

My contract position at AT&T Wireless/Cingular Wireless ended, and I've been dealing with depression. However, lately I've started getting some good job leads, and one job is almost certainly mine to have--I'll know more in a couple of weeks. So I've been learning more cooking skills, perfecting reduction tomato sauces for pasta and honing my onion-dicing techniques. (In the interim I have also become an incurable addict to Food Network's Good Eats, Iron Chef, and Iron Chef America.) And, I have been spending much-cherished time with my family.

What have I not been doing? Well, among other things, I haven't made much more music, even though I now have the keyboard stand and GarageBand 2.0. Mainly, I haven't felt particularly inspired. I'm hoping that eases up a bit now. Nor have I done much in Photoshop, alas. And, I haven't been so active in any of my old stomping grounds; I have even cut back my DailyKos activity greatly.

On the other hand, I have become more active on Flickr, the image-sharing service which uses tags rather than galleries to keep images organized. You can see my photos here. I'm also running three SubGenius groups, including one for X-Day photos and images and one for devival photos etc. I've also brushed off the old SubGenius Meetup page I made and started breathing life back into the Seattle SubGenius Meetup, hoping to tie it more into SSUCC-L, and possibly organizing a SubGenius Beach Party early this summer.

Expect more blogging in the near future--I didn't overhaul this site just to let it sit pretty for the next three months!