Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Never Enough Unitarian Jihads Department

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We are Unitarian Jihad! I am Sister Flechette Gun of Temperate Discourse! Find your Unitarian Jihad name here! Unless you'd rather find your Unitarian Jihad name here instead! Our Subcommittee on Non-Inflammatory Blog Entries note that you should have a choice in your name generators, with two abstentions. Brother Pepper Spray of Sweet Reason requested that it be noted in the minutes that you could make your own Unitarian Jihad name easily enough just by combining "Sister", "Brother," or even "Sibling" with a weapon name and a noun (with or without adjectives) that suggests calmness and rationality.

First, we will overthrow FOX News and replace them with pundits taken exclusively from the Columbia School of Journalism and select political science departments. We will round up all advertising executives and make them replace their marketing slogans with, "Are you sure you need this?" And then, we will take on the Roman Catholic Church and bring it to its knees, consentually of course, after which we will replace the Eucharist with coffee and cookies, and turn the Mass into a quiet, yet intellectually vigorous, political discussion on the nature of good and evil, if they should in fact exist, which the Committee on Whether Good And Evil In Fact Exists has yet to determine.

YOU WILL STOP YELLING AT YOUR TV. Long live the Revolution, until it has outlived its usefulness or is otherwise overturned by quorum. Now, let's have some coffee.

(Image shamelessly stolen from Mojave Sixty-Six's profile.)