Saturday, March 29, 2003

Never Enough Job Updates Department So far, the job is going well. I'm still in the training period, but it's getting much more interesting. Last week was all classes, which alternated between fascinating and mind-numbing, depending on how deep into the technology we got. This week, however, I was busy attempting a whole-cloth installation of the product I will be supporting. The first step was to install Oracle properly. Ugh. For three days I labored, only to get odd error messages every time. Finally I simply reformatted the drive on my test machine, reinstalled the OS, and then gave Oracle another try. Success! By Thursday afternoon I had the software working 100%... and then trashed it running a script that I thought would upgrade the install. Oh well. It took far less time to reinstall it the second time around, to be sure. Using the correct instructions, I began the upgrade process anew, but ran into another Oracle snag when it refused to let me log in so I could make some needed changes to the database. Ugh, again. Oh well, I'll take another stab on Monday.

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