Saturday, March 15, 2003

Never Enough Sudden Changes Department

If you can read this, then you know there's been some changes. First off, my previous server--which used to be a free employee account courtesy my last job--was shut down since I haven't been an employee for well over a year. I wasn't notified, however, so after a few days I got 'em to turn it back on while I grab data.

My current, temporary server, has no FTP access, and Blogger doesn't use alternatives like SCP yet. So the first noticable change is a new URL for this blog, at However, will still be up and handle the redirection, so there's no need to change your bookmarks just yet. And once I have a new server up, I intend to re-establish my own blog site.

A less noticable change is that the mailing list for the Seattle SubGenius Union of Clenches & Crackpots (SSUCC) got corrupted during the downtime. I'm trying to get the list subscription file restored so that I can revive it. When it returns, it'll be hosted under rather than; I'll post a notice when that happens.

The new job is going well; I like the support team a lot. So far it's nothing but reading manuals and asking questions, and next week I get a week of training, after which I'll probably start taking support issues.

Oh yeah, just because I can't resist adding an entry about metal: is now hosting samples from the new, self-titled Voivod album! GO NOW!

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