Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Never Enough Strategy Redux Department

You know what's frustrating me? The fact that everyone else seems frustrated that their particular favorite theme isn't being addressed by Kerry in the manner that they'd prefer.

Is there something inherent about Kerry that nobody is ever satisfied with what he says, no matter how poignant it may be? And no, I'm not talking about problems with articulation.

Frankly, while I wish Kerry were bolder, I have every reason to think he will get bolder over the next few weeks. Beyond that, he has to go with the strategy that will damage Bush the most, while simultaneously reducing the chances of backlash. That's tricky even when discounting the political leverage the Republicans have gained over the past several years.

So, suppose Kerry went after Bush on Iraq. No matter what Kerry might say, and no matter how consistent it might well be with everything else Kerry has said about Iraq, Bush can always use the "flip-flop" defense, as Bush supporters and the media both have been trained well to use that defense. The only way to overcome the backlash would be to attack with a fierceness that would make Dean's vaunted scream seem like a murmur. It'd be counterproductive.

Then again, it's not like there aren't plenty of weak spots, and while some polls might contraindicate using the economy as a line of attack, it's too tempting of a weak spot to pass up. A small hole can be made much bigger with a sustained assault. And the hole in Bush's domestic policies isn't that small to begin with.

You just watch--Kerry will get more aggressive, Bush's apparent lead will begin to soften, Cheney will make more craven and hysterical statements, Bush will try to counter but will only make himself look further out of touch, and in the end we will prevail.

Of course, it'd help if everyone posting here took some time to register voters. Voter registration drives are effective and I highly encourage volunteering for such. But at minimum you should be finding one person who hasn't registered to vote, and make sure he or she has, with an understanding of the stakes involved and how important it is to actually cast that vote. Do that, and half our worries are behind us.

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