Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Never Enough Shit Happening Department

Tom DeLay's buddies in Texas for a Republican Majority and Americans for a Republican Majority just got their pee-pees whacked for money laundering, making unlawful political contributions, and accepting unlawful political contributions. And DeLay has the gall to claim this is just election-year politics.

Admittedly, the convictions come awfully close to the election. But give me a break--this has been in the works for months. And it's hardly the first scandal DeLay has been in. So for him to claim that this is nothing but election-year politics is rather cheeky, given that he's next.

Tom DeLay is many things--a gerrymandering bully, a cryptofascist, a fundamentalist tool--but I didn't think he was a damned fool too. Must've been all those pesticides he used to work with.

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