Thursday, September 09, 2004

Never Enough Damning Facts Department

First off, sorry for the delay in publishing three of the most recent blog entries. As it turned out, my web server had become full, and so I had to blow out some galleries of pictures to get the blog working. As I plan to upgrade to a larger server before long, this shouldn't be a serious issue in the near future--I hope!

Second, you will want to read this article by Evan Derkacz on Bush's life during his National Guard "service". To me, none of this is new information, but it's nicely bundled together in a tight, hard-to-ignore package. If just a few key newspapers started reporting on some of this with any seriousness, Bush would look even weaker than he currently does.

But that's not all! So Bush lived a wild, reckless, irresponsible life. (You might've noticed that the Bush twins casually alluded to this part of Bush's life when talking about their own foibles, none of which have yet to top Bush's own youthful indiscretions.) So he didn't serve as honorably in the National Guard as he claims. So he drank a lot and bragged about it, flaunted law-breaking, and might've snorted cocaine. Lots of youngsters, especially the rich ones, act irresponsibly and selfishly, pretending that they'll live forever and have no consequences to face.

Well, there's also the fact that Bushie was busy learning his political dirty tricks while helping out the Senatorial campain of "Red" Blount, who accused conservative Democrat rival John Sparkman of supporting forced busing--that is, the sending of black children to schools with high populations of white students, and vice versa. That may seem like a non-issue nowadays, but back then, especially in Alabama, "forced busing" was a conservative code-word for "making our pure White children rub skin against those filthy, lazy, theiving, no-good niggers". In addition, Sparkman was accused of being anti-war and anti-military at a time when Southern sentiment towards Vietnam was stridently pro-war and pro-military. In short, Bush was being taught how to fight dirty in politics.

So, we're dealing with an irresponsible, reckless, careless, self-absorbed, respectless young man who was taught how to sling mud without getting it all over his red power tie. Then he found God and became President, and we were supposed to forget all about his past, and by all means never make judgements about his character and his ability to lead from the way he behaved 30 years ago.

Except, people are starting to remember, and the judgements are inevitable.


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