Thursday, September 30, 2004

Never Enough Slam Dunks Department

I didn't get to watch the debates--this evening has been against me in so many ways, but from what I've seen in the news, read in the forums, and confirmed in the online polls:

Kerry might've been less than exact about his plans for Iraq, but he at least looked like a leader. Bush looked like a kid caught as he's about to sneak out, angrily defending himself without being able to demonstrate much confidence, poise, maturity, or clue.

All the online polls I've seen--from all over the US--have Kerry winning, in the worst case, by a 3:2 ratio, and as much as 4:1. One of my IRC buddies said she saw it pushing 90% in one poll.

Let Rove spin. Kerry won this one, and he won it so decisively that there is simply no way Bush can hope to gain ground in the next two.

If the debates help determine who wins the Presidency, then it is becoming clear that, as has been said before, Kerry is a strong finisher, and has a better chance of winning than ever before.

We still gotta cinch the deal, though--if you haven't registered, do. If you have, vote.

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