Thursday, October 14, 2004

Never Enough True Virtue Department

I know, it may sound weird for a black-metal listening transsexual SubGenius to talk about virtues as if I were in a Jesuit seminary, but a discussion of last night's debate led me to discuss virtues thus:

"I agree that Kerry could've gone after the 'nuisance' quote, but he did the right thing by instead going after Bush's 'not a concern' quote. Because what Kerry realizes, and Bush does not--and cannot--is that one cannot eradicate all evil in the world without generating new evils. Virtues must be carefully balanced--it's one thing to have righteousness in spades, but if you lack sufficent compassion, that righteousness will create tragedy.

"This illustrates the basic moral difference between Bush and Kerry. Bush thinks that good can vanquish evil entirely, and doesn't see that good can become evil if it is overzealous--just look at how much death and distrust have arisen because of Bush's obsessions with an impossible perfect victory. Kerry knows that good can displace evil if done with honor, compassion, and truthfulness, and that so balanced, goodness will have no fear of wickedness.

"And that is why Bush has failed, and will fall."

And it's a damned shame that the hard-core fundies of Bush's base fail to see that. Damned shame.

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