Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Never Enough Shitstorms For Stooges Department

You probably have now heard about how Sinclair Broadcast Group's CEO ordered all his TV affiliates to air the film Stolen Honor, which criticizes John Kerry's anti-Vietnam War activism.

You may not have heard that a Sinclair sales representative is now claiming that Sinclair charges more for pro-Kerry ads than for pro-Bush ads and may be penalizing employees who support Kerry.

Of course, the right wing sites seem to be agitated by rumors that iN Demand might carry Fahrenheit 9/11 the night before Election Day, and seem to think that Sinclair's airing of Stolen Honor is merely just desserts.

How Sinclair's army of FCC-regulated TV stations can compare to a pay-per-view service like In Demand is beyond me.

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