Thursday, June 10, 2004

Never Enough Creepy Conspiracies Department

I know it's dreadful to think of such things, but I couldn't help but wonder this morning at the timing of Reagan's death. So far it's provided a respite from talk of Iraq, allowing continuing deaths and strife to be buried under endless eulogies for a man who largely doesn't deserve the praise he is still receiving.

So what if, say, some nameless Bushie paid a visit to Reagan's ranchhouse and, when Nancy wasn't looking, put a pillow over Ronnie's face? You know, just enough to weaken his health further. I can't imagine any conservative (especially neocons) wanting to kill Reagan outright, mind you, but it would be awfully convenient if he did die, just in time to remove some heat from Dubya's failures.

OK, I have a sick sense of humor. Growing up under Reagan/Bush will do that to you. Here's proof.

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