Friday, June 25, 2004

Never Enough Frank Exchanges Department

Ooh, such naughty words from the second most-powerful man in American politics! That just won't do at all!

Oddly enough, the Washington Post ran the quote verbatim, without even the typical self-censorship that most newspaper editor f---s employ. Apparently there were a few complaints, including an email that said, "How utterly sad for your fine paper."

Fine paper? What about the fine institution of the Senate, or of the Vice Presidency?

In reality, I am not particulary concerned about the use of any obscenity by any adult. However, it is not hard to see Cheney's outburst as another crumbling brick falling from the tower upon which Bush's presidency stands. So, Mr. Cheney, by all means--cuss like a sailor, every day, from now until November. You deserve the chance to vent that overloaded spleen of yours, given that you aren't getting nearly rich enough off Iraq yet. Curse away! You'll feel better. Especially after Election Day.

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