Thursday, July 22, 2004

Never Enough Anti-Capitalist Capitalists Department

So Halliburton keeps getting into deep trouble for overcharging. Why this is a surprise is not clear to me. After all, Halliburton has proved its total incompetence in details such as delivering food and water to troops. In a true free market system (unlike the one we have now) incompetence on such a pervasive scale would be rewarded in short order with bankruptcy. In order to survive as a business, Halliburton is forced to step out of the realm of free enterprise; croneyism, padding invoices, and government leechery is an inevitable result of a corporation's attempts to escape the financial Grim Reaper. And they are committed to maintain the crookedness. Unlike a somewhat more legitimate business, such as Boeing--which also uses croneyism, invoice padding, and generous government contracts to stay in business--at least Boeing has a legitimate product line. It's much more difficult to see how Halliburton can afford to stay in business without relying on friends in high places and a lack of financial oversight to keep their profit margins overly inflated. Surely no energy corporation interested in longevity can afford to keep the Halliburton hog fattened. I think the time has come for some bacon. Mmmmmmmmmm. Bacon.

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