Thursday, August 12, 2004

Never Enough Novel Data Collection Department

No doubt you've heard the RIAA and the MPAA complaining about how much money they lose to piracy. And there is little doubt you've heard the counter-arguments along the lines of "try before you buy".

Nuclear Elephant is attempting to collect hard data on the latter. If you ever downloaded something "illegally" from file-sharing services, and liked it so much that you purchased the item "legally", feel free to share your experience! (Where would I start?!?)

And no, no personal information is requested--you will be completely anonymous.

Why did I put the words "illegally" and "legally" in quotes, above? Because the RIAA and MPAA love to scream bloody murder about what they perceive as theft of their product, e.g. others' creative output, while engaging in practices that are technically legal but unprincipled and often unethical. But you knew all this. At least, I hope you did.

If you didn't know, you best check out and the Electronic Frontier Foundation's archive of DMCA articles.

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