Monday, August 30, 2004

Never Enough Off-Camera Faux Pas Department

You'd think by now that Republicans would realize that, just because one's interview isn't being broadcast at that exact moment, doesn't mean that nobody's recording, or paying attention.

For example, Bob Dole, who has been brought forth by Dubya in order to defend the Swift Boat Veterans group's integrity, said that "[t]here's got to be some truth to the charges" if only because "not every one of these people can be Republican liars."

And then Wolf Blitzer, the interviewer, showed Dole a clip from the Kerry ad which pointed out that Bush attacked John McCain's patriotism during the 2000 campain. The ad featured a clip of McCain telling Bush that he should be ashamed for stooping so low.

Bob Dole didn't have to see the clip--he remembered the debate where McCain lambasted Bush. But just after Wolf faded to the clip, Bob Dole had an off-the-record, but honest answer: "He was right."

I do not understand what it is that makes honorable Republicans stick loyally to the party even when its leadership commits shameful acts. I don't understand why McCain is supporting Bush after all this. Then again, I don't know why we still support Israel, for example. All I do know is that we must vote Bush out of office, lest US politics be permanently be-Roved.

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