Thursday, January 22, 2004

Never Enough Subtle References Department

So, the American Family Association has decided to pull its poll after an overwhelming number of people voted for gay marriage. That's no big shock; nor is it a shock that the AFA blames "homosexual activists"--which, I suppose, is code for "anyone who might think that homosexuality is not a thing of terrible evil that threatens to destroy this great country of ours."

But to me, it was a great shock indeed that the two people mentioned in the article are named Smith and Anderson. Maybe it's not so surprising when you consider that the article comes from Wired magazine, but after that, it will be difficult to not see the AFA as Agents of the Matrix, with "Misssssssssster Anderson" leading a Zion of gay-friendly folks in struggle against the Deus Ex Machina.

Let's just hope the ending to this epic struggle isn't as unbearably lame as the end of the Matrix trilogy.

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