Sunday, May 22, 2005

Never Enough Long Lines Department

So I'm going off to see Star Wars: Episode III this afternoon. Apparently the lines of rabid Star Wars fans have yet to slake, as my friend and clenchmate Rev. Bursar Judas Iscariot has gone back--third time since the premier--to wait in line at length, partying with other Star Wars fans. (He's a Sith-symp--you should've seen his Evil Yoda costume that one Halloween....) I'm not looking forward to the rain, or to the fans, but I am looking forward to the movie, especially as this will be the first time I've taken my stepson Becklin to the Cinerama. Still, I wish I had more time! Laundry awaits, as does a remix CD I plan on giving Judas. So, pardon my brevity--off I go!

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