Sunday, May 08, 2005

Never Enough Energy Sundays Department

I declare Sundays to be "Energy Sundays" for my blog. Which means, it's time for a roundup of energy stories from the previous week:

Note that I am including stories I would normally not favor. For instance, I think using any fossil fuel to produce hydrogen does not help us in the long term. Sure, coal-to-hydrogen technology may not produce as much carbon dioxide as burning, and they may improve carbon dioxide sequestration, but you still have to put energy into the process to get it started. And you still have to mine the coal--and I hope you realize how destructive that would be environmentally. Plus, how would coal-to-hydrogen membranes mesh with the idea of using coal combustion by-products as building materials?

I maintain that being aware of energy developments may be the most important issue facing our civilization. What we have now was built upon easy access to energy, and with Peak Oil upon us, that easy access will go away. So will much of our current way of life. Now we still have a choice as to how we will react, and what way of life we will lead. If we wait too long, that choice will be taken away, and we risk the death of our civilization, perhaps of our species. Stay informed, and make your representatives in Congress be aware that smart energy policy is a high priority.

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