Sunday, May 22, 2005

Never Enough High Weirdness Department

I've been considering turning my old NutNet site into a blog and/or wiki. But until then, there's Unusual Churches, a collection representing a tiny portion of the vast array of belief systems. Yeah, SubGenius is represented--it was the very first entry, in fact. And there are quite a few churches inspired by SubGenius to put forth their own silly parody of religion. (AS IF SubGenius is just a parody! As if all we are doing is "parodying" religion!) But ignore that--check out what many earnest people believe...! You might walk away thinking, "Gee, these people are screwed up! I'm glad that I put my faith in my obviously correct beliefs!" But consider, if you will: If you have to believe in it, doesn't that make you, from another's perspective, just as weird? After all, we're talking about the subjective and the unverifiable, and without the ability to come to a consensus through purely rational means, an open-minded Lutheran is as utterly inexplicable as, say, the Online Ministry of Hubert the Invisible Beaver, or the Process Church of the Final Judgement. As I've said again and again: "You can't believe everything that you believe." And friends, I can't believe what-all I believe.

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