Thursday, July 19, 2012

Spiked Spiked Heels--Pt. 2, Completion

Having committed to a design, I printed out some equilateral triangle
graph paper (I used as a source)
then cut it into a sufficiently small rectangle, containing all the
dots I'd need for the spike pattern. I taped them to the vamp of the
shoes, and once I was happy with how the dots lined up vis-a-vis the
shoe, I used a pin to poke little holes in the surface of the shoe.
These were my guide holes. An awl was then used to make bigger holes,
which were widened with a Phillips-head screwdriver. (Next time I do
something like this, I'm using a leather punch--it'd make for cleaner
holes in less time and with less work.) I also made holes along the
back of the heel in half-inch increments.

Then it was just a matter of pushing the screws through the hole,
tightening the spikes upon the exposed screws, and then covering the
screw heads with moleskin so they don't dig into my feet.

The results speak for themselves. While my GF calls these "overkill" I
call these relatively understated and classy compared to a lot of
pumps festooned with spikes.

For now I'll forego any colorization, and I'm already looking into
possible patterns or vendors for spats and/or gaiters.

You gotta admit, these are HOT.

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