Saturday, January 09, 2010

Never Enough Norwescon News Department

I know a few readers of this blog attend the Norwescon sci-fi/fantasy convention--enough that we could've had an impromptu if cozy get-together if we went against our burly, gnarly grains and, you know, organized.

But if you needed an excuse to attend Norwescon--I have one.

I'm proud to announce that there will be a SubGenius panel at Norwescon 33, headed up by yours truly.

I'm working on all the little details right now, and I'll give date and time once that's more firm, as well as a list of panelists.

This won't be exactly like a SubGenius devival, although I'm sure a certain amount of ranting and insanity will be par for the course. But since it is a panel, we will expect and demand audience participation, which aught to make things even more rantilicious and insanitable. (...Um, yeah. That.)

Hoping to see you there!

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