Saturday, August 01, 2009

Never Enough Trans-Friendly Parties Department

An ad for a party I'm helping to organize.

She: A new party for all self-identifying women because womanhood doesn't hinge on a letter.
A new party for all self-identifying women

Join us every third Friday of the month as She redefines the concept of women's parties at the Center. We welcome all CSPC members and guests who identify as women and agree to respect women's space. Let our Party Hosts, EC, and volunteers present an evening that is inviting, comfortable, and satisfying. Come help us make She an amazing experience!

Free social 8pm-8:45pm, party 9 pm to 2 am

Chocolate is optional.

"She" addresses a problem that exists with the current Women's Event: Trangendered women whose ID does not have a F for the gender marker are forbidden from partaking in, and contributing to, the women's space the Women's Event represents.

By introducing a play party which is open to all self-identifying women who agree to respect women's space, we hope to provide an answer to this problem. We feel that enforcing the need to respect the women's space may make it easier to police that space. If this admission policy proves workable, which we believe it will, the policy can be applied to the existing Women's Event, making it more inclusive.

Who is this party for? Self-identifying women only. While state-issued ID will not be required to prove gender, attendees will need to agree to respect female space by presenting and behaving accordingly.

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