Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Never Enough Unfulfilled Ironies Department

I know this is a month late. Life and all. Plus somehow, despite my better instincts, I've been sucked into the Facebook maelstrom. But I was reminded by this Zaius Nation posting of an odd fantasy I had running through my head on Inauguration Day.

There we have President Barack Obama, freshly sworn in, giving his speech to the nation:

"On this hopeful occasion, one must yet recognize certain realities. Now, I know I have been compared to Superman by some of my supporters. This, of course, is nonsense. For you see...."

And here he rips off his rubber mask -- "I am actually LEX LUTHOR. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

Why, oh why, is it that something that'd suck that bad would also be incredibly awesome? Probably for the same reason it's far-fetched, and it's just as well. Superman had his work cut out for him too.

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