Sunday, January 18, 2009

Never Enough Truth About Normality Department

Powerful words:

"Meanwhile, too many people work endlessly hard at trying to “pass for normal”. The problem with pretending to be normal is that it gives power to the paradigm, to this concept of normalcy. As long as the person is pretending to be whatever kind of average-normal they are not, they are devaluing themselves and allowing others to devalue them, and they are handing over their personal power to the realm of the imaginary Normal people.

Normal, average people are imaginary, because no-one is wholly average and normal. However, the imaginary-normal people are a very real majority group. They all pretend to be normal, and en masse they have majority power under that paradigm."


The Right Rev. El Bonobo Bandito said...

Curiously enough, came across a similiar statement about the bourgeois "respectible citizens".

And while I don't dress over the top 24/7 like I used to I do dress skewed off the normal with enough to either generate a double take or totally tune me out.

Popess Lilith said...

The remarkable thing is that it takes people who are decidedly NOT normal to point out that Normal people aren't REALLY NORMAL. But then they are treated like they are brilliant auteurs, like David Lynch, or like mental deficients (i.e. like the false image most people seem to have of the autistic) but NEVER like they're stating common sense.

Of course, "common sense" is part of the problem....