Friday, December 21, 2007

Never Enough Holiday Moves Department

Less than a week after the break-in, Seattle received heavy flood rains. Particularly heavy rains. And as it turns out, even after steps taken to waterproof the roof, there's still enough enough water getting through to cause a fairly dramatic display--bowed ceiling, followed by immediate evacuation of my family and overnight collapse of the ceiling. Needless to say, we are moving.

I will post links to Cyn's MySpace blog later so you can read her side of the story. She has temporarily relocated to Columbus while I prepare for the move and one of our future roommates spearheads the finding of a house. The upshot is, I should be signing a lease tomorrow for a HUGE house that actually looks like it'll be an awesome place to live. And Cynthia will be returning shortly after January 1.

Wish me luck with the packing and moving! And, have a Frappy Xistlessnessmass, Good Y'all, Happy Hacanuckah, Bereftivus For What's Left Of Us, and Joyous Last Gasp Of Consumerism Month!

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