Friday, November 30, 2007

One Too Many Burglaries Department

My house was broken into today, while everyone was gone. They trashed the place, and took Becklin's Dual Core iMac, guitar, and game systems; Cyn's DVD players and medications; and my G4 with years of creative output--complete and otherwise.

I don't know when we'll be able to replace the computers or the game systems. The guitar is a bit pricey but not entirely out of our reach. DVD players are cheap. But I'm still coming to terms with how much art, music, and writing is now gone. The silver lining is that, thanks to the Internet, the stuff I considered complete is out there. I never thought I'd be so thankful for decentralized computing.

But Becklin had just learned the Dethklok theme! That might not seem like a big deal to some, but considering where he was a year ago, he's come a long way. If I can find a way, I really want to replace that. But he needs a computer as much as I do--and his schoolwork, videos he's filmed, music, and his own creative writing and art are gone, too.

Cyn loves movies the way I love black metal, and so the loss of DVD viewing--and the freshly purchased copy of The Shining in the player--will be a dent in her life. Oddly enough, no other movies were taken. The medications are nothing that anyone can get high on--in fact, the dumbass that tries will wind up in the ER if they don't have the conditions she does. Plus, while we did have to buy new prescriptions for her, our insurance was willing to cover their share , and her medications are fairly inexpensive.

No, her burden is that she blames herself, as she was not home with her car in the driveway. And while I can love her and try to comfort her, she hurts the worst of us all.

Dobbs, this would be a damn good time to make good on some of your better promises.

Update: Cyn's own thoughts on the matter.

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rev. x-ister said...

Sorry to hear about this Lilith. It has to be a hell of a feeling to not only lose your stuff, but to have someone come in and steal it is even worse. I don't think I'd feel very safe for a while. Keep on the look out tho- Robbers have a knack of hitting the same place repeatedly if they know it's an easy hit. I don't want to scare you, but it's a proven statistic. If it's any consolation, I lost one of my external hard drives this year with about a years worth of video, audio and still images on it.

Let's hope the bastards try the medication.