Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Never Enough Kick-Ass Boots Department

After looking over the "shoe obsession" posts at Daily Dose of Queer, I figured there's no reason to hold back on my favorite footware obsession: Boots. Boots, of all kinds, from the practical to the faboo to the dangerous, make my world go 'round, and if I had limitless income, I would certainly have an impressive boot collection to match.

First, there's what I typcailly find to be my favorite boot: Flat soles, soft leather, convertible (although I usually wear them uncuffed), and surprisingly durable for such a cheap boot. One pair survived dew-sogged, overgrown fields; mudholes; firepits (including a hot piece of iron that seared the plastic sole); and constant wear day in and day out.

Of course, I kind of wish I could afford something that's even more durable, and maybe a little butchier, for those "hey-look-at-that-dyke-with-the-killer-boots" days. Something like these. They look awesome, and yet they're utterly practical. They cry out for serious butt-kicking, followed by a loving polishing. Ah, yes.

Until that day, I'll have to settle for my beat-up pair of Corcoran side-zip jump boots. They're quite worn at this point, not looking nearly as nice and shiny as the ones on the link, but they're still handy for those metal/punk shows where toes might get squished.

I haven't worn western boots since high school, but that doesn't keep me from dreaming. Think about it--black doeskin cowboy boots...! They must be so nice, so comfortable, and yet so handsome--it brings the hick out in me, it shore do.

Let's not neglect these lovely Renaissance boots which I own and love.

I'm still looking for the perfect granny boot, of course.

So, where are the high heels? In the bedroom, of course. Heh heh.


Bitch | Lab said...

Ha! I haven't been able to indulge in boots in years and have hardly a reason to living in LimpDick, but man I hadn't thought about how much I've always loved my boots. I had long black ones like the Renaissance boots. Loved those suckers to death in Upstate NY!

High school: shitkickers, hiking boots (real serious ones), the ones the come up mid-calf -- rather dorky 80s crap, yes indeedy.

Found some great slightlya bout the ankle lace ups and loved wearing those with tights and above the knee skirts.

And those police boots. Yum. Though I can't stand cops after living in the 'hood for five years. There must be something Freudian going on there. If I had them, though, I'd damn sure need the harley or redwing to go along with 'em.

Bitch | Lab said...

OH! and I'd forgotten about my suede cowboy boots. Dang, I do love a boot that makes you feel like you're striding and swaggering impressively! It's quite likely that I'm not to the observer, but I feel that way. So, it's all good! :)

Popess Lilith said...

Ah, so you were once in upstate New York? Whereabouts? I go camping out there, around Sherman, on occasion--typically once a year, but not as often as of late, due to having a family. Lovely country out there!

Bitch | Lab said...

Yah. I miss it so much sometimes -- not the towns and family has moved away -- but the scenery. I grew up near the Fingerlakes, not far from Ithaca. I miss the rolling hills and the GREEN. you'd think I wouldn't miss it in LimpDick, but I miss green. I really miss the hills.

For some reason I thought you were in Oregon or Washington? if so, you go all the way to NY to enjoy our hills when you have mountains?

Haven't camped out in years, though a couple of years ago I got it in my head I wanted to canoe along the Gulf Coast. What an adventure that would be!

Where abouts do you camp, if you don't mind my asking.

Popess Lilith said...

Yes, I live in Seattle. But the Church of the SubGenius has a yearly campout at these campgrounds outside Sherman, and I love to go there when money allows.

If I'm not mistaken, you're around Tampa, correct? I used to preach at SubGenius devivals in Tampa. The Tampa SubGeniuses were good folks, and I enjoyed my stay there, but I'd think twice before moving--and probably kick myself for thinking in the first place. It may be the death metal capital of the US but that doesn't make it livable. :)

Bitch | Lab said...

heh. Sorry I've been remiss in my blog reading. Yeah, I don't know why the hell I ended up here and stayed. Uh, well, sick dad was one reason. But he's doing better. Now, it's just financial issues that keep us from moving someplace else. Bide our time and do what we can to save up enough money and build up enough business that we can move.