Saturday, October 22, 2005

Never Enough FCC Outrage Department

I've seen it happen before: A radio station that serves the community gets taken over by a better-funded Christian group. It happened in Dallas back in 1988 when the Criswell Bible Institute claimed non-commercial station KNON was not serving the community by upgrading to its maximum allowed wattage for that frequency. (Search for "90.9" on the above linked page to read the story in more detail.)

But apparently the Christians can take away your radio station if you do upgrade your wattage, as WAVM, a small high school station in Maynard, MA, has found out the painful way.

If you want to help, you can get more info from the station's web site.

And it is worthwhile to help. In KNON's case, the Criswell Bible Institute was forced to give up its old, but lesser-powered frequency and swap it directly with KNON, which then held a pledge drive to upgrade its wattage to the maximum allowed. KNON is alive and well today, and you can even listen to it over the Internet.

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