Saturday, October 08, 2005

Never Enough Blogtagging Mania Department

I just read an article on LifeHacker concerning the Tagyu service, which generates tags (for use on sites like and Flickr, for example) based on text or URLs that you give it. Let's put it to the test....

What does it say for my blog's public address?

mac coca cola hellenic cchbc company cokewww bottler bottling

HMM. The "Mac" tag is understandable, but what the hell is up with the Coca Cola references?!?

Let's try the actual server address for my blog:

blogs art map

At least it got something right, I guess.

What about my main site, neglected after all this time?

humour comics art horror dark

Not exactly right, but closer, although there's not really much horror on my site.

What about Friday Jones, a fellow SubGenius whose site does have horror stories on it?


...That's an outrage. Finally: What about

tips golf science diy

All of a sudden, Tagyu looks a little dubious. But wait...! Then I read this blurb about Tagyu accuracy when given URLs. AHA. So, using text instead should give more accurate results? Let's see....

Let me feed it some text from this page on my site and see what we get:


OK, that's just wrong. In every sense.

What about this page? I quoted nearly the entire page, so it should give better results, right?


Let's try one more web page:

bible christian

The tags are somewhat right this time, but still miss the point. The lesson? If you insist on using tags, you should take the time to figure out what the tags should be, based on the kind of audience you're looking for as well as the subject material. Tagyu may develop to become an outstanding tool for coming up with tags, but depend on it only if you like inadvertant humor.

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