Saturday, August 20, 2005

Never Enough Iraq Grousing Department

So Bush still refuses to give a deadline on leaving Iraq, despite the
fact that a solid, increasing, pissed majority of Americans think the
war was a huge blunder committed by a Commander In Chief who couldn't
wipe his own ass without giving himself a shit mustache. And the GOP
still refuses to send their own to fight this war, despite their
jingoistic cries of Supporting Our Troops in the War On Terror.
Meanwhile, general recruitment continues to sag, even as violence
escalates in Iraq, and grieving mothers demanding to know why their
children died in a nonsensical war are defamed by the suddenly
not-so-Great Wurlitzer of right-wing punditry. Even if we do pull out
of Iraq we've already done great damage to the reputation of the US
while providing new rationales for future terrorist activity and
condemning the new Iraq to civil war for years to come.

Will the last American soldier to die in Iraq do me a favor, and
scream "Vive le France" as he perishes? It's about the only thing that
could make this whole clusterfuck of a war even more surreally bad.

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