Thursday, August 25, 2005

Never Enough Creationist Baiting Department

I no longer buy into the notion that the Religious Right has faith. They have no faith in the human mind or its ability to create systems for learning truth without relying on faith. They have no faith in the vastness and antiquity of the cosmos. They have no faith in the miracle of creation and evolution, that natural processes could create over billions of years what they say God did in six days. They do not believe that their own God could've created a universe that could take care of itself, rather than require constant planning to ensure that He had lots of worshippers. They demean eternity, and they demean God. If that makes me a deist, so be it, but don't dare call me the infidel here.

(Actually, I'm a SubGenius, damn it, but I do have a deistic, agnostic/gnostic, scientific mystic bent to my favorite belief system. It makes for interesting writings on religion and science both.)

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