Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Never Enough Purple Armbands Department

Hoo, boy. What a day.

The good news is: Dino Rossi isn't going to be Governor of Washington any time soon.

The bad news is: Janice Brown gets to become a Federal judge. Katherine Harris, the woman responsible for stopping the recount in Florida in 2000, announced she is running for the Senate. A Los Alamos whistleblower was savagely beaten. (The photo is a little gruesome, but still not as bad as some Al Ghraib photos. Ahem.) Both the FBI and the CIA may soon be getting newer, spookier powers. Medical marijuana in this country is dead short of Congressional action. (Heh.) Texas Governor Rick Perry (R) signed anti-gay, anti-abortion laws--in a church school auditorium. Apple is switching to Intel chips.

Let me check my wrist. Yep, still says, "Never Surrender".

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