Thursday, June 09, 2005

Never Enough Harsh Truths Department


The sad thing is, it's hard to disagree with Vennochi's contentions. I do believe things are turning around, and that to some degree Joan may be buying into GOP spin. But yeah, the problem is that, while both Dean and the GOP are willing to get dirty, many Democrats refuse to stand and fight back. At least Edwards is using the opportunity to blast away in his own style. They all should.

By the way, am I the only one who realizes that there are Republicans who really do think of themselves as belonging to the white Christian party? Or have I been reading the news too much? Good gravy, we're supposed to pretend that the Republicans are minority-friendly and that the Klan doesn't exist anymore. And then the Klan reminds us they're still around anyway. ($100? Please...!) To which the Republicans say, "Yeah, but 40 years ago they were Democrats!" To which we reply, "And now they're Republicans."

Dean could use a few lessons in framing and perhaps a few lessons in rhetoric would help too, but the worst you can really say about his comments, in the final analysis, is that they aren't that artful. A shame that politics is, more often than not, low art at best.

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