Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Never Enough Transgender Comics Department

Sadness fills the land as Jeremy, the webcomic about the kid with the heart of gold and the body of criminal parts, comes to a close. He'll be missed. However, I'm proud to announce the addition of two transgender webcomics. The first, Venus Envy, is about a young bisexual MtF and her trials and tribulations as she explores her gender identity and tries to live a normal life in a new town with a crazy lesbian friend, a hostile FtM, a supportive father, a worried mother, and lots of boy interest. So far it's been very funny while touching on many real-life issues transfolk deal with. The second, Lean On Me, started out with a young boy named Yun who liked to dress in feminine clothes and a sweet nerdy girl who adored him for it; the arrival of Jennifer, a new girl in school who turns out to be MtF, helps Yun realize that she is also transsexual. Young transsexual lesbian bliss, mixed in with violence from transphobic classmates, follows. Right now Lean On Me is focusing on Jennifer as she goes to college and deals with the stresses of knowing nearly nobody and worrying about gender prejudice everywhere. I love both strips greatly and can't wait for more.

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