Thursday, November 21, 2002

Never Enough Shed Tears Department

There were, at last count, 87 vigils held yesterday during the Transgender Day Of Remembrance. Most of these were successful at some level. The Seattle vigil had 142 people, both trans and non-trans, as well as representatives from several national and local GLBT organizations. Thea volunteered to light the candles as each of this year's victims had their names read, the crowd intoning "We remember" with each name. It was extremely moving, and I cried more than once.

Next year, I hope to encourage more people, especially the non-transgendered and youth, to attend, so that we can make a more powerful statement about transgender prejudice and hopefully work towards ending such prejudice, so that future Day Of Remembrance events will only commemorate past years' deaths and no longer mourn new ones.

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