Tuesday, September 03, 2002

Never Enough Life Updates Department

OK, all right, so I decided to post an update after all.

First off, I wasn't expecting to enjoy family life as much as I am. For some reason, there was (and remains, albeit weakened) a part of me that was worried about losing independence and privacy. To cast away years of living by myself and take up a wife with a ten year old child, that is a big, brave thing in my book. I think I could've been excused if I had instead run away screaming. But instead, I embraced it. I want a family, especially one where there is a lot of love and joy. And this one is nothing but. Sure, there are moments when things aren't perfect--usually because one or more of us are feeling poorly and acting cranky--but overall I don't think I could ask for a better family life than what I currently have. One thing is certain: I don't feel lonely much anymore, hail Connie.

Tomorrow is our boy's first day at school, and there is a PTSA meeting right after we drop him off. (The PTA here includes students, not just parents and teachers.) This has me going through mixed feelings. On one hand, I'm happy for our child on many levels. This will be his first real chance to make friends in his age group in Seattle; he loves school and loves learning; and frankly, Cynthia and I are looking forward to more private time during the day. On the other hand, I'm nervous about going to the PTSA meeting. This will be the first time I'm going to such a meeting as a parent. That is, as a transsexual lesbian parent. As much as our boy is hoping to make new friends and gain a modicum of acceptance, I'm hoping to make friends and gain some acceptance for myself. Actually, I'd settle for not getting too many stares and nasty looks. But who knows? Maybe I have nothing to really worry about. Still, I remain a touch anxious.

In other news, Dobbs' Long March is in less than two weeks; and I am hoping enough SubGeniuses turn out to make this a successful campout. And progress continues apace on the compilation CD of females in extreme metal. (If you know of a death/black/doom metal band with a woman in a strong position--not a token female plinking on keyboards and trying to sing prettily--click on the "contact me" link above and let me know!) I remain unemployed but haven't given up yet. Maybe it's time for a career change. Besides, tech support sucks.

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