Monday, April 29, 2002

Never Enough Blog Updates Department

It looks like the Gallery of Goddesses site--which featured transgendered women as contributors to society in general and included politicians, Olympic athletes, and artists--may not be coming back. This is a great sadness, but hopefully someone will rise to the occasion and create a new resource like this.

I have added two new links to the Gender section:

  • The Center for Gender Sanity provides lectures, conferences, and training materials aimed at exploding gender myths on a practical level. Their most visible contributions are resources for transsexuals who transition on the job, and the Full Circle Of Women conference for all who identify as women to explore what it means to be a woman.
  • The Transfeminist Anthology Project at is compiling essays on what it means to be transgendered or intersexed and feminist, adding greatly to a debate that has been polarized into pro- and anti-trans feminists, full of over-analyzing and blithe calls for an end to gender in toto.

Both resources are full of thoughtful information that I highly recommend considering. Do visit and read these sites!

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